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  1. No but I don’t claim to know who someone is based off there internet persona

  2. So if you dont know someone you just assume they're the worst?

  3. Why are people arguing in favor of Jones' unbanning just to stick it to Musk lmao?

  4. wird aus Prinzip nicht geschaut. ich war bei dem, was der Dude die letzten Monate abgezogen hat raus. meine Klicks bekommen sie nicht!!11!

  5. I wont skip the Kanye songs I have in my rotation just to make a point to myself

  6. Let's be honest with Leftovers, Ethan is only involved so he can make fun of Alpha's and ridicule crazy right wing politicians and pod casters. He does not, and never will talk about real politics because he is just not interested. It is clear Hasan and Dan know far more than Ethan, this is why the entire show is just silly screaming and memes from Ethan's side anyway.

  7. Agreed. Ethan is just there for the dunks and culture war stuff. He's politically illiterate.

  8. You understand its ironic right? And also its cropped from HIS video so yeah he's gonna comment on it.

  9. Was glaubts du passiert im Schlimmstfall mit einem Bild eines Kindes auf einer Hochzeit im Internet?

  10. Parasocial relationships can be good, but when you don’t recognise and respect the parasocial nature of the relationship then you can wind up looking this crazy.. It’s like some people don’t realise they’re talking about real people and not fictional characters in some tv series they watch. So they see a woman supporting a man and think “the writers” are foreshadowing that something is going on between the two. When the reality is likely just that Olivia often shares similar opinions to Ethan so defends those opinions when relevant.

  11. Where do you think is the good in parasocial relationships?

  12. Holy shit sometimes feel like this sub is just an amalomation of mentally ill people also why are the letters sideways how do i undo that

  13. maybe it'd be best to not try to talk like a black women in the first place as a middle aged white man

  14. This is by the way the direct result of Hasans influence and the influx of his anti-americanism-driven fans

  15. I am certain that a large part of H3 fans would actually like Destiny.

  16. I thought destiny was a leftist? I’m actually curious because I know almost nothing about him but I saw a tiny clip of him talking to fresh and fit and he sounded like a leftie in that context

  17. Destiny is a leftist, unless anyone that isnt a marxist is a right-winger for you.

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