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  1. Yeah, lets shut down the team a quarter of the way through the season because we're having a rough patch where our star player is resting an injury. Totally makes sense. While we're at it, might as well burn down the Rose Quarter and ship the team to another city with this bullshit mentality

  2. I have text chat off and have reported only for match throwing. I did get the message once that action was taken.

  3. Shitty OP not bothering to figure out what the installations represent.

  4. Now I’m gonna rewind this shit to the second quarter and rewatch Shaeden, over and over.

  5. 42% chance of a win (according to ESPN). My favorite games are the ones we are supposed to lose!

  6. A few years ago I saw the tiniest matte black Lamborghini on Burnside when my son and I were at Fire on the Mountain. I told him that had to be someone famous and shortly after in walked Hassan Whiteside. To my son’s horror I went and said hi. He was nice about it. I don’t know how he fit in that car though 🤔.

  7. I’ll take the tablets every time, thank you.

  8. Any of the bands featured in the film "Heavy Metal"

  9. Um, Black Sabbath and Nazareth are on that soundtrack.

  10. Fair point. I suppose I'm remembering Journey as the band played in the trailer to represent the 'heavy metal' one could expect

  11. I hear that. It was also created not as a nod to the music genre, but to the magazine.

  12. I just stay in the goal and pray the ball doesn’t come at me too fast.

  13. All These Things That I’ve Done - The Killers

  14. I love a song that starts with a single piano key and ends with me ready to run through a wall.

  15. What a great description of this song! Thank you.

  16. This is the most incredible thing I have learned in weeks. I’m also old AF so this checks out.

  17. I had to take two bottles of pills! SOOOO much easier!

  18. Biggest cap i have ever heard golds suck mate just get better and stop crying

  19. Very encouraging comment! Glad you spent the time typing that out!

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