1. She wants to be like Dolly. Ain’t happening!

  2. Eric Church is a little bit of everything but mostly country.

  3. Ugh I am a liberal feminist and can’t get enough of his voice. He is my guilty pleasure, my secret shame and I hate me for it lol

  4. Could you imagine George Strait, Brooks and Dunn, Garth Brooks doing this nonsense?? But he's not on their level anyways!!!

  5. I thought she was grabbing his junk.

  6. Use Flightradar24 to track the sky.

  7. Do people try to hide in the park overnight?

  8. He had (allegedly) PTSD from Vietnam, I think? I remember also hearing he was not a Christian, which by their standards could mean he was an alcoholic. After he died, a family friend (? Again, I’m not positive, my Shrek lore may be flawed) stepped in and was the one who baptized David and got him entrenched in this particular brand of Christianity.

  9. I’m ashamed to know this but I think he was saved at a mall. I believe it was a track that got him.

  10. It was at 2,667 a few days after I joined. I thought to take a screenshot too.

  11. The Sun's close up pic of the Boob shows that hypocritical mother fucker is now wearing a mask. They fought against mask wearing to help prevent Covid spread, but now he wears one, probably to hide his rightful shame.

  12. I was thinking that too. Like, why now except to hide

  13. Was it the one where a hot grill was put back into a pickup too soon?

  14. At this point case count doesn't seem to matter too much because Omicron is less likely to cause hospitalization than previous variants.

  15. Not sure why you’re getting downvoted.

  16. Nice to see the 14 car get the 🏁!

  17. How do you do this? Is it easier than making canna butter?

  18. If they were military aircraft, it's not uncommon to see them, especially on the weekends. That's when military reservists and Ohio National Guard units have their drills, but they are also sometimes active during the week, especially aviation units. Between active duty USAF, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, and Army Reserve and National Guard, Ohio has quite a few miltary aviation units.

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