AITA for screwing up my brother's adoption on purpose?

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AITA for walking out of a restaurant on my GF?

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  1. Watercolor paper 300 gsm. Cold press is textured paper whereas hot press is smooth paper.

  2. Save most of it. Open a bank account if you don't already have one. Treat to a nice little meal by yourself or with one other person. But seriously spend your money wisely.

  3. She is NOT your friend let alone your best friend with that kind of behavior.

  4. She is so funny!! I've seen her stand up shows. So good.

  5. Maybe I'm weird for thinking this but the police shouldn't have told OOP.

  6. It's bullshit, why would the police know that someone killed themselves in another country?

  7. Pretty much why I'm confused. Seems.. strange. Who knows.

  8. You're lost bud. This isnt am i the asshole sub. This is petty revenge.

  9. I'm confused don't the keys still show up on the profile or raider io logs???

  10. You don't owe him shit. Especially after what he done to you. Block him and move on forever.

  11. Sweetie you are still young. You will have many opportunities to meet someone else and do all the things young people do. Hang in there.

  12. I think the first season/Scotland is like falling in love. Later stuff/America is old married couple building a legacy.

  13. I adore how you described it!! Though i love the french part of the show the most for thr outfits and wow so much drama and happenings.

  14. I missed couple of seasons and skipped to the last one but what was the reason they couldnt live in scotland anymore and why cant jamie travel through the stones? why need brie stones in the first place since claire never needed them.

  15. So you didn't watch all the episodes??

  16. Hes also in Doom Patrol since 2019 as a main character. I was pretty excited to see him in it.

  17. Its not normal. Its weird, creepy and not sanitary.

  18. Please talk to her. As someone who has a partner that is male. I also like when he wears boxer briefs. Its sexy on him. So i bought him a few in his size and he wears it. She might also be thinking the same as me but has suggested it poorly.

  19. OH MY GOD. NEVER HANDLE RESIN WITHOUT GLOVES AND A RESPIRATORY MASK. The ones with two giant filters on your face. Holy shit.

  20. NTA. You did the right thing. What your brother and SIL did was VERY wrong, predator behavior and just evil.

  21. YTA. Might want to go back to school and learn basic human anatomy and biology.

  22. The second one. Its soft. I can imagine a child commenting on how soft it looks or how they want yo pet the cow. Also a good opportunity for them to turn that soft page into the ones with fake fur for texture. I loved those books as a kid.

  23. Linda is me when i buy a new grogu funko or plush.

  24. I've been getting mail from the spammers. So ridiculous. I have not seen mail spam in a long time too prior to DF.

  25. You did a great job for a first time.Try again with different lighting and angles! It'll help you practice the shadows and form more accurate shapes. It definitely looks like you.

  26. It looks pretty good but i do agree with those who mentioned line weight.

  27. I got a brother printer. Their ink cartridge are clear. And only like smidge if the plastic is used. Super frustrating.

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