1. Did you look at the sub? The top current posts are about her cutting her nails in one hand, inviting lesbians to her party because she must be one, and reading into things that aren't there to imply she is queer with nothing to back it up. It isn't a feminist dissertation of queer theory with her artistic style or lyrics. You are making it more than it is. Also the implication that all her female friends are actually her lovers in the shadows, it is just so weird, stalkerish and gross.

  2. Hopefully while you disagree, you don't out people's sexuality in the future for fun. That shit causes people to lose lives.

  3. I know enough about being unwillingly outted, and tabloid esq speculation is a far cry. In the future, don’t go around condescending to queer people about things you, as a straight person, will never experience.

  4. He looks like Harry Styles if his stylist wasn’t on acid when they dressed him

  5. if you’re jealous that she’s set for life you can just say that

  6. I would suggest finding a therapist that understands the stigma surrounding mental healthcare in your culture. Addressing your feelings about therapy will help the therapy be more effective

  7. these photos remind me of christina ricci, who i believe is a gamine of some kind!

  8. you clearly have a victim complex and are projecting here big time. even so, hope you get the help you need & you’re in a better place now.

  9. i know you can’t, sweetie. keep going, you’re doing great!

  10. if it were two little boys in the video, with the same caption, would you see it then?

  11. Yes and in many cases, in many subreddits, you would get a ban for a lot less than this. I got banned from a subreddit for a sarcastic comment about children hitting each other.

  12. But you said that our school system is garbage. According to US News, we are actually #1 in the country. I agree that you have dumb people everywhere, but comparatively, we are doing well.

  13. and the best school system in the US is still garbage…

  14. My husband and I are often assumed to be brothers. I mean, yes, we’re of similar heights and builds, and I guess we resemble one another in the face in that we’re both human men with beards.

  15. that’s when you hold hands, and lovingly look at your partner, “yes, brothers. we’re very close..”

  16. so what do you propose as a preventative measure? kill conjoined twins at birth?

  17. It's also the problem of the x number of people who will now earn zero due to these jobs not being created.

  18. that’s a government problem, not an employer problem

  19. FN! width through the shoulders, and appears taller than she is. the last photo doesn’t honor her lines— it cuts her vertical line and makes her look shorter & stockier.

  20. like the most basic simple explanation: spider veins happen because of pressure issues while getting blood back to your heart. so they’re using the solution in the syringe to push the blood that’s stuck along.

  21. I love how you are making up shit and people just believe you. How would pushing the blood be anything but temporary? The injected solution causes the vein to scar, forcing blood to reroute through healthier veins. The collapsed vein is reabsorbed into local tissue and eventually fades.

  22. what you said and what I said are not in opposition. I specified that my explanation was extremely simplified; you gave more detail than me regarding the contents of the syringe & how it maintains the visible effect. thanks for expanding.

  23. I follow a few girls from high school on instagram who all the sudden stopped shaving their armpits. I don’t care what you do at all, I just don’t find it attractive. It seems like they make it their whole personality & have dozens of pictures of them where the focal point is their hairy armpits. Like they make it a requirement to be showing their hairy armpits in their pictures. They’ll post these quotes from other pages to their story about how you need to be brave & stop shaving your armpits (I’m paraphrasing but that’s the message). I don’t get it. It’s like they just want attention for not shaving their pits. It’s not that serious.

  24. do you know the history behind women shaving their body hair?

  25. you also can’t just be thrown out, you have tenants rights.

  26. So it's finally equal, as men already had to do that, and men's formal outfit has always been long sleeved with long suit pants as well.

  27. not when our freedoms and self expression are equally being limited…

  28. By being forced to wear long sleeved professional attire?

  29. i’ll propose that to the boss, try and buy ya some time

  30. Should I be happy tou are calling me attractive? Or should I be sad you are calling me dumb? Which is it?

  31. definitely was not meant as an insult haha i didn’t realize “himbo” had such a negative connotation

  32. I knew it and I was just messing with you ahah you even added “very cool” in the end, I just took my chance to poke some fun at you 😂

  33. isn't she wearing eyeliner and mascara as well?

  34. she might have semi permanent lashes done or tattoo liner, but yeah that’s not just natural

  35. Are they the same person you married though? Breast cancer isn't the same as transitioning. Now, did she state at the beginning that she was considering that route? If not, then how can he be flogged for his partner not being who he fell in love with?

  36. they agree with you, dude. that’s their point, sometimes people should feel shitty but in this case OP shouldn’t because breaking up with this person is better for both of them.

  37. cute, but no way Taylor would put out an album cover in which her hair looks that thin and shitty lol

  38. you can just simply not like something don’t gotta be so rude 💜

  39. I don’t like it, and stated why. That isn’t rude, I know you’re human too (;

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