1. Maybe controversial but they have the LADA RIVA, I'd say it's only right to add the LADA NIVA. Look it up, it would make a great addition to the "RUNE" brand

  2. Ignore the negative replies, I think it's very nice :)

  3. I actually spend a lot of my time making games in creative mode :p

  4. Jeremy Clarkson, James May & Richard Hammond, This should be interesting..

  5. Loosely based on the "bester" submarine

  6. I hope it's sorted soon as having videos on quietly in the background allows me to sleep at night. :(

  7. i know AI colorization when i see it bro. i colorize pics myself.. not cool to pass off AI work as if you did it

  8. I didn't say I did it entirely by hand. & I didn't just drop it into some process. I used AI as a first step & then touched up areas that were hideously incorrect. I did all red areas by hand, I also had to correct the roof as it made the entire thing Green. But yeah other than that I'm a fake & a fraud

  9. Hey I love Kane Pixels too, he singlehandedly revived and repaired The Backrooms from nearly being destroyed by the wiki (bullshit) lore. He created a universe that actually makes sense and is really enjoyable.

  10. In a discord call, Kane said that he would like the person who is running that channel to stop what they're doing as they're kind of using his whole thing.

  11. This is very interesting! Especially considering the limited views (angles) we have of the elephants foot. This is very well build and especially the second picture show’s it. Well done!

  12. Thank you! I'm thinking about making an improved one, since I have more then 2 pics for reference now. & I'm generally better at this stuff now. So I might give it a second go!

  13. I made it throughout maybe 3-4 nights

  14. I never knew about this but that's actually so cool

  15. I think they're referring to "I Remember"

  16. I think your onto something and mainly I just like this theory a lot. Inb4 kane himself comes in here and says “bacteria aren’t friendly”

  17. I can't remember where but I'm pretty sure I remember Kane stating that "they are very much hostile" I don't remember where though :/

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