1. no one is doing all that for a reddit post

  2. all my closest friends listen to opium which is fye

  3. wbk for anyone who doesn't know we're besties with tmull3n since that accident 😘

  4. nah bro my question is wtf are you scheming trying to buy reps of corporate uniforms ??

  5. someone gotta drop a band or some shit it ain’t gonna be me tho

  6. If this is 3+ mins like they’re claiming then holy fuck this is worth the 8k

  7. question what platform do you make your art on?

  8. This piece specifically was hand drawn and then traced on illustrator but a lot of my work is graphite and watercolor and either left or edited within photoshop. All other graphic work is done within illustrator and photoshop.

  9. I'm sorry but wtf is a Carti com

  10. stop promoting your dog shit on this sub

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