1. He won't have any trouble if he lists that on his tinder profile

  2. Lol. Yeah, good for him, and set pieces. I'm pretty sure professional athlete is the only thing he's gonna need in a bio

  3. You could argue this was still more important because it also cemented a victory that cemented the cherry on top ending to the greatest sporting career in history.

  4. That is exactly why it is. I'm not a Messi fan, but I can't deny that Argentina's victory cemented Messi as the all time greatest. I'm just happy to have witnessed the spectacle and that France put up a fight to make it an amazing game.

  5. A dynamo is an unwanted California import dressed in tacky colors

  6. I went to the feburary 2009 qualifier against Mexico, I swear I saw this dude there.

  7. Am I ridiculously biased for thinking Shaw should have been booked for that challenge?

  8. I haven't been this pumped for a game in a while. Let's go boys!

  9. Anyone else see the muffin top on that third crip top?

  10. Pepi i can somewhat understand, he has plenty of time, but Paul was robbed.

  11. So if somehow Dallas and nycfc meet up in mls cup who would host?

  12. Arturo Alvarez? Yeah, I'd give Chavez the nod. He was Barrios before Barrios. Alvarez had no right foot

  13. The stadium has the soccer hall of fame and there are plenty of restaurants south and west of the stadium as well. Not sure about the ride sharing service. Safe travels, however I hope we enjoy the game more than you.

  14. My camera doesn't do it justice. It was straight magic.

  15. I've been a tool fan since I saw the sober video as a 10 year old. The stinkfist video then blew my mind, not just the visuals but the music was unlike anything I'd ever heard. So yeah stinkfist or tack #1 off Enima (if that's how its spelled) I recommend starting there. Intolerance is a personal early favorite 4 degrees Eleven Lateralus Rosetta stoned Those are good tracks off each album.

  16. Sections 113/112. The map I found looked a little old, but that's the southwest corner you want for the supporters group

  17. But did you see it shoots FIRE? No clue why they installed it

  18. Got to do something with that empty stage. Wish it was the beer gardens again

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