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  1. You can check their embassy. I applied for the MEXT scholarship years back but unfortunately didn't get. I remember that being literate/fluent in Japanese wasn't a prerequisite. I am unsure bout the criteria now.

  2. +1 try MEXT op. my sis got in, It’s a good opportunity and fair.

  3. Yes after seeing your username kekw

  4. I don't know if this is a bug or I'm at the wrong site haha

  5. Caps all your name. Even though it automatically capitalises, the code is buggy and does not do so in the back end.

  6. Without footage no one can tell, but could be possibly consistency issues? Try to record yourself playing and analyse what do you do differently as the game progresses.

  7. It’s walkable. Stop at Taman Mutiara MRT station instead, long walk though

  8. Even though this is a feature and can be turned off, this happens when taking videos in instagram too! And there’s no way to work around that @@

  9. MEXT scholarship by the Japanese government. Tuition fees covered fully + allowances

  10. According to a friend if mine, it's almost impossible to get without inside connection, even with the most colourful exam results. He insisted that the unofficial criteria for this scholarship is to be the child of a dato' or datin. I dunno how true it is but he sure sounds salty when he explained it to me.

  11. No, my sister got the scholarship fairly.

  12. What an insult to Nelson Mandela! You want to compare najis, the fella who said 'apa lagi cina mahu?', with Nelson Mandela who fought apartheid?

  13. He didn’t say that, Utusan Malaysia did

  14. ironically in some language Malang means bad luck..

  15. Lol she literally solved the assistant protest issue through unethical means

  16. I cringed with each screenshot. They sound like kids. I think this is more of a immaturity issue rather than a ethical issue though

  17. Legs are bent midway before hitting the shuttle and straightened during the smash. Achieves more power. It's fully intentional

  18. As per earlier posts that suggested the ball is played less than 60 minutes of a 90 minute game, I’ve always wondered

  19. Starling Mall and the surrounding Uptown area. Worth checking out restaurants such as SeiRock-Ya for ramen; Village Park for nasi lemak & the open-air food court behind Starling. Take bus from TTDI station

  20. Tell me more about the pottery in paradigm mall! Ive always wanted to try out pottery

  21. It’s around 100+ for a DIY session, with additional options like painting your pottery etc. you could check google reviews @ Good times DIY lifestyle cafe. Didn’t try it because I wasn’t really interested, but could be your cup of tea. Baking DIY is also offered in the mall

  22. I bought mein kampf from popular lol, even got a discount for it

  23. I must mention that their deposit and withdrawal process takes around ~3 days and is very slow.

  24. JPJ is where corruption is most apparent. It’s been this way a long time. The driving instructors act as a medium for bribery, and they take their share as well.

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