1. As far as I can tell (from 2 rewatchs only so far) They are not written in or shown afterwards, so I would assume from a story point of view they just moved out.

  2. I dont have many friends in go. Where do i find the code to post it id love to have people to play with

  3. Anytime I see Mo I think of the Baby "Mo"tel in trailer park boys.

  4. anyone else think buffets are garbage, unless you're a stoned 18 year old kid.

  5. Depends on the buffet, I Definitely would never go to one of those mall buffets now, but a smaller buffet with nicer food I'm totally down for.

  6. Ah I am Not familiar with Indian food so thanks for the input.

  7. Is it fun? Anymore than a time sink for a couple minutes a day?

  8. It's fun to collect characters and build businesses but yeah just time sink.

  9. We can just tell by the post and see behind all the bullshit that you just dole out love to all the kitties.

  10. Have you seen the prices of kitty cat food lately? The big cans are going up and the small cans are the price of the big cans now..it's fucked

  11. Yes I like their OG standard! I make mixes between 2 and 5 grams because I prefer to prepare small portions.

  12. Reminds me of Pharma trying to create "the perfect opiate"

  13. Idk how anyone vapes bdts. Seems so artificial to me. But to each his own.

  14. This. Add some H4CBD if you’re feeling fancy. Personally I’m gonna run 40% Delta 8, 40% CBN, 10% H4CBD, 10% terpenes in my sleep sticks

  15. How is h4cbd first I'm hearing of it, after a Google search it seems quite different than regular CBD or CBDa. Could you tell me a little more?

  16. There are better subreddits for this, I know you're specifically asking about moving out of Long Island, but if you go to

  17. Fluid dynamics happening in real life , imagine blowing bubbles into chocolate milk , but opposite.

  18. I've seen 30 days, I've seen people still test negative after 80 days.

  19. Just got an order in from gilded extracts I was impressed with. Also like harbor city hemp.

  20. There’s a pay wall so I could only read the first two paragraphs, but this article appears to be about impurities in Delta 8, as opposed to side effects of Delta 8 itself. That syncs well with this sub, which you’ve known if you’ve been here for a while, so: good.

  21. Hey fellas, super excited to share this with y’all! Last Friday we opened our D8 “dispensary” in Mississippi “Top Shelf Canna” we wanted to bring to the table quality brands we all here know are legitimate with full panel/lab tests, and to give people a better understanding on why to stay away from buying D8 etc from gas stations and stores alike! If anyone is in the local area please stop by we would love to see everyone! We’re super excited!!

  22. Do you sell raw product? Or do you sell pre-made gummies and vapes.

  23. Raw as in papers etc? Yes and the gummies we have we have d8,HHC,d9 etc in multiple brands that are common on here

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