1. Ray : You lied to the man in the chair rick

  2. Great moment and i never noticed till now that Ricky says get drunk… then gets cut off then goes smoke a joint… and gets cut off again. Was always focused on ray saying that great line

  3. He was probably wayyy too hot in that womb, but hes coolnow

  4. I think Patrick Swayze would be a good pick for Julian. Just a kind of feeling I get.

  5. Life imitating art this is a trailer park boys episode lmao

  6. All gone bud…. Lahey was feelin' a little sluggish, think he needed a snap of the white liquor.

  7. This needs to be close to the top post of all time here, its perfect

  8. So a mustard glass will always have that pattern on it? It's not clear like Julian's glass is what im deducing

  9. Well, it's called a mustard glass because in Nova Scotia, there is/was a mustard factory (Schwartz) that used those specific glasses for their mustard. A lot of people cleaned them out and used them as glasses cuz they were a good size.

  10. Oh interesting. Thanks very much for that piece of knowledge.

  11. Same, everybody I say this too easily gives me the side eye "huh??" instantly

  12. I have to explain afterwards which makes it less funny but sometimes intrigues people.

  13. If I'm going to Dailymotion at that point, I'm 🏴‍☠️ None of that revenue is gonna go to swearnet as I don't think D.M has a copyright system for monetization (if I'm wrong about that somebody please correct me)

  14. Omg I'm so glad someone posted this I was watching season 12 the other day and this had me fucking dying mate 😂😂😂 somebody needs to do a gif of his dance lmao

  15. Love how he delivers that line. Lol. Hence my flair. 😁

  16. Holy shit they look old as fuck, especially Mike and Robb.

  17. Innit they've been going for 20 odd years 😂😂 I've seen 30 year olds in my town centre on a Saturday night that look more haggard than them lmfao I think they've aged well but matter of opinion 🤷‍♀️

  18. Hhc is part of the big delta 8, 10, 11, thc-o, thcp, there are so many different cannaboids now I can’t keep up, just gotta keep up with the main one “THC”old Mary Jane is legal in my state for Rec use, I use to do all the delta 8, hhc, 10 gummies and drinks, they work ok..but the actual dispensary thc drops you can add to water work insanely well

  19. Delta 11 isnt a commercially available cannabinoid as of yet. Its part of fake products that are constantly floating around, I'd be wary of any product stating it has Delta 11 in it (not to be confused with 11 hydrox-thc) but people even try to claim they sell that as well.

  20. If the thc is water soluble to make the drink instead of distillate in oil solution , id buy these (if there on discount)

  21. This was the line that made me love TPB for years

  22. Mine was when bubbles has to wake Ricky up early and all he does is complain about how he's a good dad but he's hungover and just needs to sleep a little more. saw it in a YouTube compilation and said "okay I have to watch the show"

  23. I watched the committee hearing. The bottom line is the bill advanced, but I’m confident it wont go much further in its current form based on senator remarks.

  24. Is any of the hearing public information to read, hear or watch?

  25. so far: they tried to argue people can OD on marijuana. and then the camera zoomed in on some ladies legs. FL is weird.

  26. Are you able to find transcripts or audio/ visual of these hearings? Or is that private?

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