1. UK here. £225 day rate for second shooters is normal.

  2. It may help a bit, as it is a signal to Google that your various posts are related. To have any significant impact on SEO, you’ll want to get some verbiage on each of the posts as well (aim for 600 words), and do the other SEO basics also.

  3. Thank you! Will dig into this and look to make a start for the 2023 season.

  4. If you add them as new blog entries you can also feature the newest ones on your homepage, driving traffic without having to manually add & link :)

  5. I really like the 24-35 f2 from sigma...I find 24/28/35 to be my most used focal lengths and that gives me all those primes in one at f2. I really like 20mm for personal work but I'd be a bit tentative at a wedding often using it.

  6. I’m gonna sound like a dick, but I haven’t had much luck with Sigma glass. Yes, it’s sharp, but the build just hasn’t been good for me. (The 35mm ART literally fell apart one wedding). I know loads of people love them, but it’s not tough enough for me. 👍

  7. Interesting feedback. I have the Canon 85/1.4 and love it, and bought it after renting the Sig 85/1.4 ART, which I also loved for the image quality, but disliked for the heft of it without having IS. It's a massive chunk of glass. But, the Canon won for a slightly smaller form factor and having IS. Build quality wasn't one of my demerits on it though.

  8. The IS on the Canon 85 is awful. Mines turned off, gaffa tape over the top of the switch. The lens sounds like a rattle, but it delivers the goods!

  9. My 2013 MBP is still going strong with its original battery. I thought battery development and design meant they got better over the years - This suggests otherwise.

  10. Love my BlackRapid. Lets me comfortably sling the camera, but I can bring it up to shooting position in just a couple of seconds. (Plus it provides a measure of security against dropping or having it taken from me.)

  11. Check the bolts! Mine let go mid ceremony. 🤦‍♂️

  12. It’s a 366/30G with 300-some megabitches of ram.

  13. EF allll the way. That extra stop of light is useful!

  14. Didn’t check my bolt for the shoulder holster. 5D4 / 85mm f1.2 went bouncing down the stairs. Never using one of those slings again!

  15. Get another one used. There are loads about, or get the mk2. Easy. 👍

  16. Thanks! Can you please give me tips on what to check when I buy used? Aside from testing it by putting it on my camera for a few shots?

  17. Buy from somewhere reputable, so if it goes wrong, you can go back to them. Otherwise, test it and get back out there!

  18. It’s a banger of a lens and VERY valid, especially for that price.

  19. The IDE to SD adapter is amazing on this machine. Super fast and easy to install. I had an IDE to Sata adapter in another G3 and that was pretty disappointing because it didn’t work correctly and was slower than a normal hard drive for some reason. I’ll probably install some old software and mess around with it. I’ve always wanted to try the PlayStation 1 emulator so I’ll probably try that out.

  20. Is there an online guide of how to do the IDE to SD? I need to do this to mine!

  21. Absolutely. Glass should be your biggest investment.

  22. I'm with u there. WTSGD,Certain romance,Mardy bum,ritz,IBTYLGOTDF...not only their best work,but one of the best debut albums ever.

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