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  1. TFW someone gets a $19k bonus for smoking cigarettes in the break room all day

  2. No joke, my year end bonus now is equivalent to my entire annual salary when I first graduated. I do have to work for it, though.

  3. If Kelsier had heard that, he'd have been like "Sweety, I didn't 'have a problem with the law,' I was the law's problem."

  4. "When you owe the Lord Ruler an Atium bead, that's your problem. When you owe the Lord Ruler the entire Pits of Hathsin, that's the Lord Ruler's problem."

  5. Ya I like idea of ambient sound/drone/bass vibes. Would be very cheesy if they squinted imo

  6. I remember in the TV show Heroes the psychic character's actor described his character as having "the power...of leaning".

  7. So can anyone burn Godmetals with the correct intent, or is it only people with a connection to preservation that can?

  8. Yeah I think we see him use a Shardhammer in some of his campaign flashbacks. They use them to fight Shardbearers before getting their Blades. Though you need the Plate to lift the Hammer, I think the skills roll over more to a regular Warhammer than a Blade does to a sword.

  9. IIRC he uses a poleaxe in one of the Oathbringer flashbacks (the one where he recruits Teleb). But I think he grabbed it from someone else, he didn't start out with it.

  10. It has some very unique ideas on what a Mistborn and a Windrunner are able to do

  11. IIRC Kaladin (well, back then he was named Merin) does have wind powers in The Way of Kings Prime. Lightning never comes into play, though.

  12. I really think it's unfair to hold Olive Garden accountable for minor imperfections in their managerial crew. A lot of people don't seem to realize Olive Garden grows its own managers in vats. They don't just hire random people for these positions. They create them. For you.

  13. I want you to know I've saved this comment. And when the time comes, I'm going to copy this pasta. May The Garden have mercy on me.

  14. I never figured them out. I just stand there and then blast them with Dins fire when the shadow gets bigger.

  15. If you hold Z and side jump or backflip the wall master shadow gets reset, you can do this endlessly to stop them from ever actually dropping on you.

  16. Agree with the justice/judgement angles. I always think it will probably end up as some righteous wrath. Righteous fury. Wrath unleashed if you break the honor code. So aka judgement/justice

  17. I would consider naming it "Soulward" (pronounced like "SOUL-word" in my dialect), which is not technically a real English word, but will be understood to mean "toward the soul".

  18. "Are Idrians clamoring to attack Hallandren? Experts say no, but our producers say yes."

  19. Imagine a fleet of flying machines with TNT dupers built in, that go back and forth across the same patch of land, a little lower each time, blowing it up all the way down to bedrock. You can get shulker boxes full of diamond ore if you do a big enough area.

  20. And dental. It pisses me off so much that Medicare and Medicaid don’t pay for full dental. Thankfully, I was able to get great dental care my whole life, but I have known people that didn’t and unless you know someone in that situation, people don’t realize how much it can fuck uo your life. Good luck getting a decent job with missing teeth. Good luck getting a significant other. It effects their social lives, job possibilities, self esteem. It’s one of those things that you don’t think of if you are middle class or up (I know I didn’t until I met people who never had dental care).

  21. Not to mention some recent research suggests that Alzheimer's could be fundamentally caused by dental disease.

  22. Why is it that the dudes who “forgive everyone” are always the biggest dickheads? Honest question.

  23. They can only "forgive everyone" because they have no sense of perspective and view all wrongs as equally bad*. They have no concept of something being unforgivable, so to them cheating because they're horny is no worse than running a stop sign because they're late.

  24. I think you are right. They just haven't figured that out yet. Furthermore, you don't even have to ingest it. It just has to be within the confines of your body. There is a WoB about a copper IUD being burnable (lol).

  25. I think an alloy of Lerasium and Harmonium makes you a Feruchemist, since AFAICT Lerasium's "thing" is rewriting your spiritweb to let you use certain Investitures, so I would be surprised if more than one God metal did that. (Although I will admit that if any others should, it would be God metals that contain Preservation, like Harmonium.)

  26. Their names are Zelda [something] Hyrule and Peach Toadstool (Peach's last name might no longer be canon; haven't checked).

  27. Think something was said about Ham and Dockson being women to make it more balanced. Don’t remember where I saw that

  28. Hey, can I ask how you pronounce that word, "rizz"? I've only ever seen it used online before, and literally 15 minutes ago heard someone say it outlook. They were saying it with a soft "z", like "fuzz", whereas I had been reading it like it was a modern reinvention of the word "ritz".

  29. It's the "rizz" from "charisma", or at least that's how I heard it.

  30. Yes. My wife is a fair bit younger than me (she was 22 when we met and I was 28, pushing 29), so I often forget we're not the same age. And for whatever reason, that manifests as me thinking I'm her age rather than thinking she's my age.

  31. She should file her taxes and pay only $99 out of $100 owed, because only the big guy upstairs gets 100%. The Internal Revenue Service will sort her shit out real quick.

  32. Ope, can't do that one. "Give unto Caesar that which is his."

  33. Life hack: name your child Caesar, use biblical reference so they can get 100s when everyone else is capped at 99.9%.

  34. Imagine it being a little old black lady that refuses to give up the seat.

  35. And then in court she pulls off a mask and it's Rosa Parks!

  36. To me, 'obnoxious' implies some degree of choice. Something that's obnoxious isn't just annoying, it's something that doesn't stop being annoying even though it knows better.

  37. Actually service jobs and those in the lowest income is where most of the wage gains have been.

  38. They hired like crazy, as if interest rates would stay low forever. Now that we've returned to (marginal) sanity, it's time to pay the piper. Unfortunately, laid-off workers will bear the brunt of it.

  39. He wasn’t perfect, and started out prejudiced. But once he held the power of a shard and understood the stakes, he did everything in his power to save the world from Ruin. He was flawed and did terrible things, but he was also being constantly influenced by Ruin for 1000 years and having to fight a never ending mental battle against him, and over time Ruin did trick him and corrupt him into doing many wrong things.

  40. He is a great character. A fantastic villain. But he did kind of, sort of, institutionalize rape among the Terris, with a bonus of legally-obligated racist rape-murder among the Skaa, so...

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