1. For the vast majority of people, yes. The U.S. is short on jobs for high school graduates these days. The first thing most employers look for is a college degree. Trade school is an option as well, but on average college graduates earn more than trade school graduates.

  2. My last two multibillion dollar international mega corporation employees couldn’t care less about college degrees even up through management positions.

  3. There are always exceptions. There are successful people who didn't have college degrees. But on average, it's important.

  4. They weren’t the exceptions… nobody cared if you had a degree or where it came from. They cared if you did your job and got results.

  5. A grilled cheese is just cheese, bread and a fat to toast the bread anything else in it makes it a melt.

  6. There’s nothing that you’ve learned about in the last 15 years since you made the list that you want to try? That’s is kinda depressing… but think about all the things you haven’t done yet and figure out what your excuse is for not wanting to do it. I think your original list was too small… you need to think bigger.

  7. NTA… lots of infants roomshare in a bassinet, a crib, a bed extension, or historically… a dresser drawer. This baby gets a whole closet when her Great Great Grandma only got a dresser drawer!

  8. Getting a second opinion from an occupational medical contractor is pretty standard, as is conservative treatment, like physical therapy. But you’re all cart before the horse here. First, you’re worried about what’s going to happen after something you don’t even know is going to happen. Second, and maybe you left this part out, is it even a workplace injury? Workers comp is only for workplace injuries.

  9. Yes work related. Figured it'd be obvious since I am posting it on Walmart reddit. Sorry.

  10. If there isn’t a clear structural defect, PT can be quite effective and has almost no net negative. Surgical intervention has potential negative outcomes including increased pain and increased chance of developing drug dependency. So especially in occupational medicine, but in most medicine, PT is the first course of treatment if delaying more invasive intervention will not make the injury worse.

  11. You all were making Brooks jokes and the three stooges below you said "screw it; it's pirate time".

  12. I actually started out thinking I made a Heard/Depp joke… but I’m amused so whatevs!

  13. I missed the Brooks line of thinking. Maritime law made me think if it is an International Maritime court or Pirate Law, but please do carry on as best amuses.

  14. It’s a whole thing because there’s fringe on the flag… so naval.. so maritime court/law… but I think the judge, if she’s really a boat captain, can make him walk the plank… so he should be carefully what he wishes for!

  15. Usually you get conditional admission and take a foreign language in college to make up for what you didn’t take in high school.

  16. So I can take language courses in the school I want to go to or do u specifically mean community college or something

  17. Usually they will let you take them at the school you want to go to.

  18. The heater also works on a foggy window, because the warmer air can hold more moisture (warmer air cooling off inside the car until the air couldn’t hold the moisture is where the condensation came from). Warm air has a lower relative humidity than the same amount of moisture in the same amount of colder air.

  19. Modern cars (like 1990’s and newer) pretty universally use the a/c automatically with the defrost. You can hear it run if you listen closely and your engine is quiet enough.

  20. I got a 2015 Honda and it definitely does not: that’s hot air on mine if I have the vent knob over on the hot side. But it’s a basic old-school system with one knob to change the vent/AC and hot air mix, one to change which vents it comes out of, a recirculate/no-recirculate lever, and an AC toggle button, the same kind you’d find on cars going back into the 90s.

  21. A 2015 Honda certainly runs the a/c automatically to dry the air and then heats it. My low end ‘03 Honda used the a/c… and still tries but the a/c doesn’t work. You can hear the compressor kick in.

  22. NTA. Kid is safe and happy, right? Developmentally appropriate? Working on independence by feeding herself and entertaining herself? Sounds like things are going just fine. How much does your wife respond “yes, daughter, that’s yummy toast” every time daughter announces “umnumnumnumnum” while licking butter off her toast?

  23. YTA, a kid was being a kid, and a grown up… was being a kid. Congratulations, you behaved worse than a developmentally challenged child.

  24. They are tired of paying taxes to the government for the government to funnel all the money into stuff that doesn’t benefit them. G they aren’t getting welfare or SNAP or asking for student loan forgiveness… so from their point of view, the government is taking $2000 (or so the internet meme goes) from Mr Bluecollar to pay for some hippie bookstore barista to pay their student loan for their underwater basket weaving degree from Elite U.

  25. Nope. You could make the argument that Avtomat Kalashnikova is a brand, but the AK-47 is one specific model out of an entire group of AK rifles.

  26. I’m not going to get banned by linking to a bunch of right leaning websites touting the pros and cons of the different manufacturers and styles of AK47s… but there are dozens. Just like there’s a wide variety of facial tissues all known colloquially as Kleenex.

  27. And I’m not going to continue talking with you if you’re just going to repeat the same points I’ve already refuted

  28. Except you’ve refuted nothing. An argument is an intellectual process. Contradiction is just the automatic gain saying of anything the other person says.

  29. You can let cider sit for awhile before having to worry about off-flavors from the lees. I had a blue berry cider sitting on crushed blueberries and dead yeast for over a month and it was the best thing I've eve made

  30. I definitely want to try some blueberry and rhubarb versions in the summer if this batch turns out well and if I do enough internet homework this winter.

  31. I too am a beginner cider maker, but I read that letting your apples rest or "sweat" as it is called for 3-4 weeks so the sugars increase and the apples soften is a good practice. I sweated my apples for 2-3 weeks (rented a mill so had to press). So far so good.

  32. Yeah, mine were well past their prime for fresh eating by the time I ground and pressed them and I’m sure I started with less moisture therefore more sugar. Next year, I’ll probably align my cider fermenting with my sweet cider making and just use the big press and fresh apples. Or I’ll plan ahead and have my freezer empty to freeze sweet cider for future fermenting.

  33. They’re gonna be pissed when the hang the Sheetrock and six months later the low battery chirp starts in that smoke detector!

  34. You could hang an evergreen swag with a big red bow under each window.

  35. It’s healthy if treated like a grain in terms of servings, like rice is.

  36. It’s also heathy when served in a reasonable amount as a vegetable. Or when served in a reasonable amount as a dessert.

  37. It kind if does both , It was originally introduced in Ireland in tbe 50's as an anti poverty measure designed to make staples and essentials affordable. So it is both a tax and health regulation

  38. Ok, it has a whiff of ‘don’t let children starve to death’ provision of health… but it’s mostly about tax revenue.

  39. The day I measured out sugar to add to a batch of jam, ran out, grabbed another container and proceeded to finish measuring with canning salt almost turned out very bad…

  40. TLTP says:

    Yeah, but they were extremely primitive then. No maps or anything like that.

  41. Mine had basemaps installed and more detailed basemaps could be purchased from a variety of vendors but you were limited by the size of the memory of the device… which was very small… and you bought them on CDs because the internet was too slow to download them efficiently.

  42. Those didn't come out until 2004 and later.

  43. No… I had one before 2001, they partially scrambled the signals until 2002, but they were definitely a thing by 2000, just rare and expensive and killed the battery technology of the era.

  44. Usually by the second or third day you’ll be tired enough to fall asleep early. But you also have to mind your sleep hygiene rules by dimming lights, turning off tvs and smartphones, etc. I used to get up at 3:45am daily for a 5am shift start and you just get used to it.

  45. I always keep my lids warmed in their own pot. The lid brand was Ball. I bought 4 boxes and 2 of them had one extra lid in each. I wonder if the outside lid is the one that “failed” in two batches. Now I wait to open the last two boxes. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  46. Ball is just a brand name, Newell is the company that sells the product. They aren’t tucking a reject lid into every box just to get rid of them, if you’re getting 13 regularly then their stack splitter is misadjusted, that’s all.

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