to cancel him for racism

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  1. Serious question, I have young kids but haven’t experienced this yet…What exactly are they teaching kids in school about gender identity?

  2. That poor child😔… this will traumatize him/her. I hope they get the support they need.

  3. When you find the manual, can you look up if I can use my mom’s rewards? It’s never been a problem until yesterday. 😐

  4. Not sure if I heard it right… Did the female officer say stop to the male officer while he was punching the suspect?

  5. O crap! I just got 2 boxes to bring with me on a trip this weekend… How weird would it be if I returned it? What should I get instead?!? Need a quick and easy meal to feed a crowd.

  6. The girl in the pink bucket hat! So fun! 😂

  7. Avocados have been terrible for the last year… I got a bag right now that just won’t ripen right. It’s soft and turns black on the outside, but rubbery and hard in the middle. I’ll grab a bag every few months just to see if the new batch is better, but it’s been a crapshoot.

  8. Just FYI - I’ve this this at Marshall’s for $19.99.

  9. Yelling “get off her” but she’s the aggressor…

  10. We take if off. Much less caloric to add a little bit of butter to what's on your plate. And they are actually good without it anyway.

  11. We take off all the butter too, but I’m sure there’s plenty of butter already in the mash.

  12. 1-2 times a month for a family of 4. Avg spend is about $200-$300 each trip. I got an extra fridge just so we could store the bulky frozen boxes.

  13. My first kit was the beetles starter. It had the lamp and a handful of gel polishes. I did it a few times. There’s definitely a learning curve… then I got the beetles full cover tips. I’ve only used it once. Honestly, the gel overlay has allowed my nails to grow long enough. Now I’m trying to be more fancy and learn some hand drawn designs, so I got a small set of brushes (they suck), some foil, chrome powders, & gems. It really doesn’t stop. I’m still a novice but can’t stop adding to my nail stash. I keep saying it’s so much cheaper than getting it done. It’s been really fun though! Good luck!💅🏼

  14. Who goes to a comedy show to be an activist?!

  15. Telling a comedian to “STFU” when you paid to go see him 🤔

  16. Service denied🙅🏻‍♀️ Just refuse to service. That’s assault on perfectly good fries! 🍟

  17. It all looks so good!!! Especially my favorite friut!🙃

  18. Thank you! It was my first time using glitter. ✨

  19. I was denied chemo for 2 months because of my insurance (medical) all because I moved countries to be close to family but my nurse found a pretty clever loop hole so watch that it’s a headache the insurance. Good luck though!

  20. I can’t even imagine the panic I would have felt after moving to another place… I was so stressed out when docs wouldn’t approve a PET scan because insurance wouldn’t cover it. I tried finding another oncologist, but everyone was booked out for months on end. I pressed on and advocated for the PET scan for my mom. It finally got approved and they did find more cancer in her bones.

  21. Anecdote here, so take with a grain of salt, but I had a PET scan denied simply because my PCP didn’t get it pre-approved properly with my insurer (UHC). I’ve since heard (again anecdotally!) that health insurers will do anything they can to deny PET scans because they’re expensive - even over technicalities, as in my case.

  22. We were not given the PET scan initially. I kept advocating for it. Just wanted the peace of mind… My mom was struggling with some pain and sleep problems. Finally I believe it got approved and then the appt was made for us. Only to find out that that more cancer was found. If we had not insisted on getting the PET Scan, who knows when we would have found out about more cancer.

  23. I recently bought some o cedar that I like so far for dishes. Keep in mind, they wouldn’t be so cheap if they were meant to last a long time!

  24. I’m willing to pay more for gloves that would last. I’ve gotten thicker dish washing gloves but in no time, it’ll get a tiny hole in the finger tip and I end up with gross wet hands.

  25. This is awesome!!! Making me want to get to my pile that I’ve been putting off.

  26. All you need to do is get started. If I can do it, so can you! =D

  27. Believe it or not, I got started today… only one trash bag, but it’s a start. Looking forward to making some progress. Thank you for sharing your accomplishment and giving me motivation.

  28. Thanks for all your suggestions! I’m going to start with baby oil since I’d like to use up my bottle of Weiman too. Excited to see if this will work.

  29. Interesting! That kind of make sense too. Will have to look into it. Thanks!

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