1. I just ordered black ones, should have them on by Friday, I can’t wait

  2. Good choice. Funny enough I thought it was you from the last thread talking about rims with the twin car!

  3. Wow those are sick!!! Most of my decision was to reuse the tires I currently have and not break my bank account, can’t wait to see yours!

  4. There's always wheels for attending a LAN. See you there!

  5. lol just saw the automatic tranny, there are no auto cobras

  6. i havent had my 99 gt in a good while, but that engine looks identical to mine, making me think immediately its not a cobra. Also the 99 cobra had amber taillight markers, and i think the 99s had white speedos like the 03-04s, everything about this is a red flag

  7. I had the flowmaster outlaw axle back on my 05 gt, lemme find a video it’s super nice


  9. Yeah but that’s probably “market-adjusted” to something absurd too. Fucked either way

  10. carmax has very lightly used gt500s in the 90s, so you might as well just go that route instead of this bullshit

  11. A GT500 is completely different than a Mach 1. One is built to be able to daily while tracking occasionally, the other is built to track while being able to daily occasionally. OP is better off just getting a used Mach 1 than a used GT500 if thats his market.

  12. im just saying in general, if someone is looking to spend 100k on a mustang, they might as well get the king of the road, or, back to carmax, theres a 1k mile used mach 1 for 66k, your right, in no world should someone be buying this car

  13. Lol I’m not, those rims just look great on the s197 and are extremely popular on these cars

  14. Great conversation thanks for your recommendations on wheels

  15. Idk why but as soon as you put a more aggressive front splitter on the 18+s my opinion on them completely flips. This shit looks SOO good I keep telling myself dont trade in the 14 GT lol

  16. Is that "extra" front lip just a pp2 thing? Could I buy one for my 22 GT/CS?


  18. This thing is so much more fun to drive than my 2020 gt500. She lays down way more power too. I drag raced against a street bike and he was coughing on my exhaust lol. Or I mean battery acid

  19. you must be bored as fuck trying to troll every sub reddit you can see... in the span of 30 minutes you hit up republican, twoxxchromosomes and others tryna bait. do you need attention?

  20. Thank you, it looks pretty promising to me. As long as they don't pull a mach-e on us.

  21. np. here are the only 2 leaks, its tough to judge, the black car is for sure like a base ecoboost, thats about all I could tell you

  22. Based on this, the headlights at least lol like they're going to be more in line with the Mach-Es design, which it's to be expected. I saw a rumor floating around the taillights will be as well, but I haven't seen a source for that, so it remains to be seen.

  23. the taillights on the mach e are a really nice design, I would imagine the tri bar with a line through them is extremely possible for this model

  24. Yeah idk. Even the esport goal explosions aren’t on bakkes. They’re up to something 🧐

  25. Not true! It took a while but they’re there, just look for the respected org name such as NRG, I used it last week

  26. I expect it to have some of the most graphics ever in a spider-man game

  27. This is my same commute but I have a coyote, I have actually heard this could be an issue for the 350, are you referring to just the voodoo though cuz my coyote is goin strong lol

  28. I still have mine. Only 50k on the clock and I love it. She is a queen and only goes out on nice days I have thought about cashing on the stupid money people are willing to pay now and wait for a 17 or 18 GT350.

  29. Same boat as you, been reallllllly close to pulling the trigger on a 14 gt500 but I keep pulling back lol

  30. Bought my 2014 in 2018 with 12k miles, now it has 27k miles and it still feels brand new

  31. I hear what sounds like a speed bump or something otherwise idk what I’m listening for

  32. main menu makes the cars look super dark, idk if its just me

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