1. Niggas who call shit corny are corny af ong- not even trynna be corny tho I’m Fr

  2. lone be teasing his next albums in his albums 😭 i forgot what song but on

  3. cap they dont fw niggas 😹 i tried plenty times, they be the same ones with BLM in they bio too 🤦🏾

  4. Personally i think lone has more potential than ken and i also think that carti definitely puts more effort into helping ken than he does to lonely.

  5. nah i think ken jus puts more effort into blowing up than lonely does, he jus sits back n makes fire music

  6. they should have pumped out way more music when the spotlight was on them

  7. the spotlight was never on them what 😭 they jus started rapping like a year ago

  8. that’s what he gets for thinking he can act like carti after having a few songs blow up 😭

  9. These bozos are how I imagine every one of you kids looks at a hiphop show. Limp wristed rap-hands, broccoli hair, dad's Champion sweater from the 80's. All the songs also sound like shit

  10. i know, but lonely was more experimental on broken hearts imo. still ns is a aoty for me no doubt!

  11. he retweeted jay’s shit so he’s clearly in on this “beef” or whatever tf this is

  12. ima still bump his music but as a person he goofy 🤷🏾‍♂️

  13. I guess it's wholesome until 10 years from now he's geeked off opium 24/7 because his mom supported anybody who influenced him and he was bumping ken as a kid😭😂

  14. if u don’t care then get yo ass on bra it was a genuine question

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