1. Is it possible to alter a gown with a v neck to an off the shoulder neckline?

  2. Hair plug surgery and filters? Almost all photos and video you see nowadays are retouched to the max, don’t forget that.

  3. No Doubt? Just got into them and realised how much of the early 00s bands I grew up with owe to them! I know literally nothing so am keen on any info :)

  4. Allegedly Gwen found out about Gavin’s cheating because their son’s iPad was connected to Gavin’s phone and his mistress was sexting him and sending nudes.

  5. She did, she was Holly Baxter Norton for awhile

  6. Woah 😳. She replied personally to me when I asked about his recent comp in her question box and told me she had filed for divorce. It was so odd, I am a stranger to her.

  7. Damn, I have watched a few of her YT prep videos and any time he was there he seemed like kind of a dickhead that was pretty controlling to me.

  8. I’m going to step on stage for the first time in 2 weeks after a 190lb weight loss. I cannot WAIT to see what my final package looks like.

  9. That sounds like quite an accomplishment, congrats on a tremendous amount of weight loss and your first show!

  10. Legit, I speculate that they are very cash poor and extend themselves to the max to keep up appearances. Their beauty routines alone must cost in the ten thousands every month, that is gonna catch up to you after a while. I remember a beauty influencer did a video about her monthly costs and it was almost 10k, so this family must spend way more.

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