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  1. can i just say both this post and the other one where you put the dots signalling where archegos loaded up is just THE TITS

  2. It is actually a pretty cool building. 55th-tallest in the United States; 2nd-tallest in Georgia.

  3. This is a nonstory. Looks like a new participant for trade settling. I am 99% sure this is not gme related.

  4. Are we at the point where this subreddit just posts anything that gets tweeted? March and September are periods where there are global dollar funding bottlenecks.

  5. ahh interesting, know what my reading this wknd is gonna be about. merci for the wrinkle fam!

  6. Pretty much yes. Here’s money to hold onto money.

  7. No. It means the repo facilities have essentially failed and the fed is wash trading the entire repo market (both repo and reverse repo) to keep it in check.

  8. Weren't there a DD long time ago showing that all of these financial institutions are in bed with each other, having invested in each other? So when one domino start to fall the value of all the other portfolios also dwindle. Can't search for it atm but but it was very concerning for the whole system.

  9. oh man, that was my 2nd favorite meme of all time, after OG me gusta meme. I wish it could have lived longer...!!

  10. Wtf, Deutsch is dead? Why there was no new whatsoever

  11. 7 out of the top 25 posts in the last hour on all reddit are from Superstonk. Our community is the best community

  12. Spoiler alert! All large European banks launder Russian money. They’ve just decided to do something about it. Hooray? I guess? Lol

  13. As the greater economy sours and big banks and prime brokers that are short GME or are the prime brokers for hedge funds that short GME, I was curious as to whether tracking max pain metrics can give us any idea if banks that have had shitty numbers for ages are now being "allowed" to fail or that SHF and market makers are fully beginning to naked short them.

  14. That's what my thought as well. Gut feeling: Push the FTD in Europe and hide them with next EU sovereign debt crisis.

  15. Seriously. Bigger than Credit Suisse, a supposedly systemically important bank to the world


  17. yep this is the one! classic piece and yeah, the intercept and that whistleblower are the true ones going "told y'all so"

  18. Is it just me slowly going schizo or do y'all find the number 741 in random ass places in random ass times like everywhere everyday

  19. ooo can you repost your DD or do a follow up? think its super importnat now with these bank failures!

  20. Not doing posts for now, ready to stretch my legs after being buckled up for so long ... but here ya go:

  21. He's literally just a dude. Honestly, he mostly reposts from this sub on Twitter, then someone reposts it here and it gets a ton of upvotes. Not sure what to think of him

  22. Market maker doesn’t create synthetics. HFs do through ETFs.


  24. I've been playing around with having ChatGPT summarize posts ever since I saw that on one of the other DD. I had to break it out into several parts for it to work but this is what it gave me:

  25. whoa very very cool...crazy shit! btw fam, if dont mind, do you know if can post that here too:

  26. Like I asked somewhere else this morning, anybody shorting Switzerland?

  27. this post i just put up again might be semi-related (EDIT: fun fact, the big banks, including Credit Suisse and Citadel sit on the board that decide when credit default swaps against countries pay out):

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