1. I do the side gig think now for my domme. I like it. I work 8-4 mon-fri at my full time job. Then 5-10 mon-fri, and 9-5 on sat, sundays are my day off. I like it and it keeps my occupied. Usually pulling in an extra $400 a week from that.

  2. I’m not 100% sure but it sounds like he’s trying to eliminate his ability to get an erection? I’m not really sure if that is even possible. I’ve done chastity before but this is something I’ve never heard about

  3. Ew. This subreddit is to far gone lately with this shit

  4. Sorry, we don’t have cash app in Canada so I may be reading it wrong. But he joined Feb 2023?

  5. Yes. We had done a session prior, and he paid me using a different cash app (I assume a friend?) he finally made another one to use and now he’s filing disputes with his bank. Cashapp support says they can’t do anything

  6. I’m sorry that’s happening to you. Eventually these scammers do get caught and screwed over.

  7. Would you say you have compromised with one of those or do you wait till you find the perfect domme for you?

  8. Well I’m very lucky that I found my domme who I’ve been serving for almost 3 years now. She fits all that criteria and is a professional findom so she knows what she’s doing. But I would say I’m flexible on would maybe be age. But I’m pretty solid in what I’m looking for.

  9. I have a separate PayPal account for purposes like this. None of my cards are attached to it.

  10. Not necessarily. They just want money. But they are more likely to be up to having a Paypig than girls who don’t have a payment method in their bios

  11. No, I guess it’s due to my low self esteem and timidness but I need a domme who knows the ins and outs of findom and knows what she’s doing. I can’t take the reigns and teach. She needs to be in complete control

  12. These choices are a bit too broad for me. There’s a whole spectrum between vanilla and pro (yes I’m intentionally excluding instas). But if I had to choose among these choices, Pro Dommes would be the closest match for me. Basically, I prefer someone who’s knowledgeable and experienced in the kink. However, having a large following or a clip store is irrelevant to me.

  13. I know I could get more specific but I kind of kept it broad on purpose with explanations of what each are. I personally chose pro as well. The more well known and popular they are the better. I have a feeling that most subs are afraid to serve the well known pro dommes because either they feel as though they can’t afford to serve them or they like the thought of being the one exclusive sub to a domme.

  14. The poll isn’t about lifestyle. If about what type of girl you prefer serving.

  15. Honestly, men should pay women to interact. It would save so much time if men valued us better. There would be less ghosting and flakey time wasting if money was involved.

  16. Honestly agree with this. Way too many vanilla know what a paypig is, but that’s it, they just know what one is. Just look on Twitter and TikTok as an example. So many videos on “how to find a paypig” or “findom guide” lol. There is no guide to findom. There isn’t one secret that works.

  17. The government has no right to tell me what I can and cannot do with my money.

  18. Yes. All I want is just 1 findom relationship with 1 domme and that’s it. I can’t go back to sending to a bunch of different girls

  19. Now I'm actually very curious what you mean by this. When you say "most don't agree with", do you mean kinky people or vanilla people, or people in general?

  20. I mean most in the kink disagree with me. I just don’t feel that a sub should ever be in the position to ever have sex with their domme in any way. When I think of my domme I think of her at a much higher level than me and to have sex with me would be extremely degrading for her. She deserves only the best, that’s including her sexual partners. That’s just me though, most seem to disagree.

  21. I actually think most agree with you haha but in that case do you think the real man are Doms?

  22. It’s funny, I posted something about that awhile and a lot disagreed with me. But to answer your question, yes. I do consider my domme’s bf a dom. I don’t really talk to him directly but my money that goes to my domme is used for them giving out or whatever. I’ve bought him things before. So he benefits therefore in that sense he’s a dom.

  23. That's the biggest problem with Twitter! A real Domme has to compete with a lot of these types. It's muddied the kink and made many subs run away.

  24. Exactly! That’s why I only stick with the reputable dommes. The Empress Jennifer’s, Ceara Lynch’s, Bratty Nikki’s, etc… not Alex or Jenny from Twitter.

  25. Just because we're on Twitter, doesn't mean we aren't reputable and ethical 😔 We're just harder to find because we're in a sea of fakes...

  26. Oh I’m not saying all of you. But like you said, you’re in a sea of fakes & unfortunately some subs just don’t want to search and run the risk of getting scammed

  27. Well, if you were interested in it. A fair way to work it out is to work out the average. Then she can budget on that

  28. She doesn’t budget my money. I spend on her. Her expectations are simple and easy. That’s why I love serving her. She expects me to spend what I have on her. That’s it. She doesn’t beg, or constant dms telling me to send. She knows, when I get money it’ll be in her account. We don’t need to talk everyday. The prize for me is being able to serve her. If I don’t send, then it’s me who misses out

  29. She's your domme? I've enjoyed many of her clips. She's a true Goddess.

  30. The dynamics have never changed. You came in with a different idea of what the group was in your eyes. The groups page was always and still is from day one a place for subs to share experiences, ask other subs advice to prevent them from being scammed and for those that want to quit get help with that. It was never just a one stop for quitting.

  31. Again, nothing has changed here. It’s always been about helping/supporting subs.

  32. Best feet in wrestling, and honestly some of the best feet in the world

  33. Just think of it like the old message board. That’s how it works in a nutshell lol

  34. She won’t do anything. Blackmail is highly illegal. She was just trying to scare you

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