1. Kind of a useless thread. You were the AH when saying that, but you realised this and apologized to your niece. End of story. Just check on yourself in the future... Something like this can never happen again and take some time the coming year to remind her of how sorry you were for that outburst. Offcourse not day in, day out, week in, week out. But a few times the coming year since she will not forget this easily... You really need to prove this was a one-time thing which you are EXTREMELY embarrased about.

  2. They don't allow kids in the hospital rooms and my niece has some trauma related to hospitals. Having a 4 years old and a panicking 12 years old in the hospital away from me doesn't seem like a good idea

  3. YTA, no need for me to go over that one. But in your edit, you have said she is still being expected to caretake because your wife can’t currently? Well you had better hire someone or ask friends and family to help or put the 4yr old in day care etc. a 4yr old isn’t a toddler. If they are that feral that you need your wife and a 12yr old to look after them, you may want to rethink some things!

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