1. I understand i to wish i was born cis but that is something that can't be helpt as of right now but there is promising Medical Science happening there looking at a way to transplant sex organs from mtf and ftm I'll put a link at the end but i know this isn't perfect we can't be cis it hurts but I am who I am and that is a woman no matter what Society says otherwise what if we didn't have names for male and female we were just people some of us would want to be more like the other no problem I'm truly sorry your having a hard time right now please be safe and were a here for support but getting Profession help is key hugs 💖

  2. even if i had the right sex organs, i still had a boys childhood, there is nothing salvageable from this life

  3. I know you are in pain but posting this everyday isn't helping anyone here. Many of us go through these struggles. Just because you are cis doesn't mean you aren't a girl. Acceptance of who you are is the hardest thing. Please reach out to professional help cause I am only a person on the internet and same with everyone else here.

  4. Where are you getting all these negative ideas about yourself, and about being trans? All this weird fixation with bone structure and stuff sounds like it comes from 4chan/4tran...

  5. Ive seen your profile at a glance I'm worried about you, you really should get help, do you have anyone irl to talk to, a friend, a trusted adult? You should do that first, sometimes at schools you can talk to a counselor to get help and "bypass" your parents altogether

  6. we can only get counselling if we get referred by a our head of year, and if i talked even slightly like i do on here theyd have to tell someone about it and id still get grilled by my parents, even if i did do it, the childrens mental health services are notoriously awful in this country, they’ll literally just tell me to have a bath and get over it.

  7. I didn't talk about identity or looking like a female I was meaning that you're body will take some functions as a female, like periods(not menstruation), breast(maybe even lactating), orgasm(which will change at first on e and then again if you have srs) so I wasn't talking about looks or identity, I was talking about you're bodily functions.

  8. its still nowhere near the same as my cis peers, i cant do this anymore, im such a negative fucking person

  9. Well again not all cis women have xx cromozomes, periods and fertility. So you could perceive yourself like that, you don't actually hate your body, you hate you're trans so if it helps don't identify as trans, again you could perceive yourself as cis woman who bc of a cromozomial abnormality you're infertile and don't have periods whit an enlarged clitoris. And it wouldn't necessarily be a lie.

  10. surely the person calling me sexy was harassing me? i did nothing wrong, and laughing isnt harassment lol

  11. If women weren’t crippled by competition with other women then all those magazines near checkout stands would have gone out of business decades ago. This isn’t a trans problem, this is something all women feel. Congrats, you’re valid. :)

  12. it is also a trans problem, my transness makes it worse because as well as being ugly, i was born male and everyon in that school sees me as male and no matter what i do i will always look male and be biologically male, it is definitely a trans problem.

  13. So i get wanting to be another gender that you feel inside but why pretty?

  14. because i dont want to be ugly? that should be obvious literally most girls want to be pretty lol

  15. I don't think that's a pain that *can't* go away but something that could *be* numbed with procedures and effort?

  16. itll hardly be numbed, maybe a little but nowhere near enough for any quality of life

  17. It seems really toxic to think that way, I used to think like that too, but transitioning fixed that for me, now I'm truly happy and living my life, I hope you get better too some day.

  18. you can't see your neurons but they're talking to you through dysphoria, even if the muscles or whatever else seems different than female

  19. life is so fucking unfair why did this happen to me. i did nothing wrong but im being punished with something equivalent to hell, i hate my life

  20. Hmm, ok. Let’s try something else .. if you think about this pain of not being a cis woman, where in your body do you feel the pain ?

  21. its not physical pain, its like grief, im grieving the life ill never have but there is no stages of grief, its just anger and depression, i wont “accept” it

  22. Alright. Maybe you can try to focus for a moment on your breath, to feel your body from within. And somewhere within your body, maybe you can locate where the feelings are. Of grief, anger, depression. Take your time, no pressure

  23. it will always holds power over me, ill never get pregnant, ill never have a period and ill always have a prostate, its sickening, its vile, its fucking disgusting, i want to throw myself off of a bridge to save myself from the jealousy of watching my peers get pregnant and have children

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