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  1. I wouldn’t say he is an idiot. Was probably more focused on lining up the forks with the pallet instead of what was going on above. I don’t blame the guy for that as no one expects a metal pole to pop out and hit them in the face. He wasn’t reckless just an unfortunate accident.

  2. I don’t know why this is even a debate. Adam wasn’t all that good when on Timcast and I tried to get through a single podcast of his several times and I just couldn’t. Dude just loves hyping and trying to talk about stuff he isn’t really an expert about. Tim always has content I love to watch and I know I’m not alone which is why he is so big. True Chad.

  3. Lol, for real, people out here really think McDonalds is just packing their beef patties with sugar?

  4. To be fair bread is full of carbs and eating too much isn’t great for you.

  5. I love how if anyone would listen to JP and his positions they would realize he is someone who tries to help people better themselves and to be free. Sure he makes a point about not bowing to the trans mob and being compelled to say certain things, but where does that mean he wants to throw them into concentration camps?

  6. This is also why when you bench press you don’t want to secure the weights. If you are doing it properly the bar will always stay level so they won’t slide off. If something like this happens then pushing up on one side so the weights fall off can save your life.

  7. it is ok to secure weights when deadlifting, you can just let go of the bar. bench, however, is a different story

  8. I want to know if this is verified information. There are some names on here of people I like but if they are involved in this shit they are dead to me.

  9. I feel he could take on Cap due to being able to take on Bane. Similar builds: Super strength serum, trained soldier, intelligent. Would probably give him a good run for his money like Bane did.

  10. What the fuck is happening. I saw Ye walk off Timcast and then on Infowars basically support hitler. Where is all this support coming from with all these people suddenly that the holocaust was good and hitler is good?

  11. “As me Grammy moon used to say: there’ll be no vegetables in hell.” Sad when as a kid someone drills it into you that if you don’t do what they want you go to hell. That can mess some people up.

  12. They exist even more than the right side does. But since the media is left as well they don’t label it the same.

  13. I was half afraid reading the title that the mom was going to be the opposite and self preserve instead of protect. Glad the mom turned out to be a real boss. She handled that very well.

  14. And they act like women as well. None of this gender studies and unhinged crazy. They embrace being beautiful.

  15. So embarrassing that other leaders know we have a dementia patient for a president. My dad has dementia and this is similar to how we have to treat him.

  16. His parents knew what they were doing when they got him that outfit.

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