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  1. Does it matter how long men can last in anal or round im only asking bc ppl call u anal queen

  2. It’s a personal preference, if you’re doing it with a girl who likes to take her time then she’d probably like you to last longer, but it’s just different for everyone 😊 I can’t take it any longer than about 30 mins and Jax usually lasts way longer than that so our Anal sessions usually don’t go for longer because of me 😁 id say 10-20 mins is just perfect for me

  3. I only have sex with female but I really like it here 🍑 too : )) I would use that thing with you

  4. Doing anal with a girl is still having sex with a female 😊

  5. wish it was my cock stretching this little asshole babe🥵🥵🥵 looks so perfect, I love those pigtails too

  6. That is beautiful which dildo is that from bad dragon

  7. Goals! I really want to get one of these and see how long it takes to fit it all inside me

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