1. PPR: Jeff Wilson @ DEN, Tony Pollard @ NYG, or Darrell Henderson @ ARI?

  2. 8 Team PPR. Antonio Gibson, Jerry Jeudy, Elijah Mitchell, or Michael Thomas?

  3. I’m actually laughing at anybody surprised that Cam Akers laid a goose egg. I don’t know what you were expecting

  4. 8 Team PPR. 6th pick. Forgot about the draft and went auto for my first four picks and not sure how I managed to get what I got.

  5. A bit obscure but check out Christiane F. (1981). It’s got some issues but the drug/addiction aspect is absolutely fucking haunting.

  6. How the hell did Ekeler make it to 8 is what I want to know haha. He's gone 3rd and 4th in my 2 drafts so far

  7. Some guys took Herbert 3rd overall and Brady 6th, lol. Only the guy that took Brady is new to this. I was surprised too.

  8. Lol at the guy who took Mahomes 9th, hey it is what it is, at least you god the bald headed PPR master Ekeler!

  9. Lol, the guy who picked up Mahomes has one of the worst rosters I’ve ever seen. He’s also the first one throwing out punishment ideas. Pretty sure he even took Justin Tucker in like the 4th or 5th round.

  10. I’d say in most cases it’s a bad script, but a truly awful performance can ruin a good script, and a truly great performance can elevate a mediocre script.

  11. Mads Mikkelsen. I think he's good even in mediocre movies, I wish Mads was in more movies in Hollywood.

  12. Goodfellas looks so terrible on blu-ray and the reviews for the 4K have it as one of the worst transfers. WB loves to crank it out with little regard. I would love Goodfellas done properly by Criterion. Im reading the Made Men book by Glenn Kinney about the making of. very detailed account & high level.

  13. Goodfellas is my favorite movie and I almost picked up the book - is it worth checking out?

  14. Yorgos Lanthimos. Mads Mikkelsen, Nicole Kidman, and Joaquin Phoenix. Don’t even care about the theme I would just love to see them work together in a dark drama.

  15. Eyes Wide Shut has become accepted as a solid Kubrick film after years of being derided or at least considered a sad misfire at the end of his career.

  16. My favorite Kubrick film. Absolutely deserves to be praised with the best of the best

  17. I will always come in to recommend the Jacques Demy set. Cinematic bliss.

  18. Oh man the end of The Blues Brothers will make me piss myself everytime

  19. The thinly-veiled homophobia of these posts is just as old as the reviews that they complain about.

  20. My hottest movie take is that hot takes are lame. Most of the time it causes people to think their taste is more interesting because they’re going against the grain.

  21. It sounds like your hot take is that people can't have genuinely different opinions on movies. You really think no one who likes movies is earnestly indifferent about the godfather?

  22. No. I’m just saying if I don’t like a popular movie then it’s just a matter of a movie not being for me. But when people frame their opinion as some “scalding hot take!!!!” they usually get super militant and exclamatory about it as some sort of vindication for what was already simply a valid opinion.

  23. Looks like those pictures where you can vaguely recognize some shapes but literally nothing is distinguishable (

  24. Honestly I’d re-buy the entire Demy boxset in 4K, especially Cherbourg and Rochefort.

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