My wife and I sent our daughter’s adoption announcement to the White House. They wrote back! [OC]

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  1. if you don’t know what’s going to happen then you should not be taking more than 200ug

  2. tf is it supposed to say? “turn the paper 13.2° and roll forward with a speed of 1.72cm/s. when you reach the end lick the entire strip with no more than .725mL of saliva”

  3. Ok just please do consider buying the titanium it’s the start of my new small business

  4. dude this is literally 3 times over spot value, no one is ever going to shell out for this

  5. it makes me really happy that stolas is being developed as a dynamic character rather than something to progress the main plot

  6. prion diseases are pretty nasty. it’s when the proteins in your brain begin to fold in abnormal ways which will eventually kill you. the scary part is that it only takes one prion to fold wrong and it spreads through your brain slowly until it finally ends you

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