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  1. Good job, really inspiring! Do you have a toturial on this?

  2. i can make one. I have a tutorial on the tunnels:

  3. I would sure watch and subscribe if you do! Thank you boyy

  4. This should be on the top of this subreddit, but it's not. This subreddit is so full of bots who are pushing a lot of smokescreens instead

  5. "Wind-burned leaves are often curved under and form “claws.” They can look like they’re droopy from overwatering, underwatering, or possible a nitrogen toxicity, but you know you’ve got wind-burn when the leaves in front of the fan are clawing, and leaves further away from the fan look fine."

  6. How the f*** is Assange in jail for exposing these criminals? This is sickening, and Julian is apparently the bad guy. US gov is a joke.

  7. US gov is the bad guys. They just brainwashed you to think that it is everybody else.

  8. Or…you were brainwashed to think THAT

  9. Good job mate! What settings did you go with on the bmpcc4k?

  10. Det ser smooth og organisk ud. Godt arbejde! Hvilke luts har du brugt?

  11. Mange tak! Jeg har ikke brugt nogle luts, jeg har color graded fra bunden i davinci resolve og så redigeret og eksporteret i premiere Pro.

  12. What type of camera you using ?

  13. 60x microscope from ebay. You can put it on your phonecamera

  14. Can’t be too stupid, he’s getting a free feed and living rent free right now..

  15. go outside and look for scrawny cat. boom. he is yours now.

  16. 100% all bmpcc og. Never have any issues with rolling shutter on this camera as long as everything’s set properly.

  17. I mean why is this even here? Obviously the ancap position is prostitution should be legal. Whether or not it is moral is up to each person.

  18. Thanks! Nope, I had on a black pro mist 1/4 on!

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