1. where does he get off calling a demolition op on priority one-

  2. This has got fnaf security breach feels. I love it

  3. I personally didn't like halo 4. However I respect your opinion

  4. Matto has a section for games with chaos mod in his discord

  5. He said on a stream that matto doesn't read chat because matto missed 1 donation

  6. If this is the autumn sale then I can't wait for the winter sale

  7. because i didn't hate on any of the yakuza games

  8. Is this edited or an actual thing? If the latter can you tell me the game? Thanks in advance

  9. he still hasn't got 10,000 hours in gta 5. Shame

  10. Best thing out of this is that matto owns halo. halo stream when?

  11. it's a youtube bug. it will go away the next time you reopen you browser

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