1. Seven, On What I'm On, Nonchalant, Clash, LTGS, and Hearse is prolly like the best run on an underground trap project if we being real

  2. TFB, Oh Yeah, Pop Shit, Miley Cyrus, Fun, Ya Ight, Dover Street Market > Hella, Clutch, Till I Die, Burnin Up, So What

  3. Afterlyfe is really good but respectfully Up Off X clears the whole album

  4. got it as well, decided to get the hoodie later on so i’m waiting for that. wore it to the yeat concert and got many compliments on it. 🙂

  5. no one has ever said he sounds the same also that proves nothing considering those songs are years apart

  6. going two months back on a stranger’s profile over their opinion on a snippet is the most💀

  7. what are you talking about? i’m referencing another comment he made on this post

  8. I think lones ear for production is better than ken's + he's got some nice melodies too. I just like his music more overall. He deserves all the success really

  9. imma be honest, kingdom hall is one of the worst released pierre songs i’ve heard. i’m honestly amazed how many people in here are giving it love.

  10. I’ll never understand why some fans are so obsessed with a human being🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  11. Akademiks might b the most likely as he’s one of the biggest music podcasters & has a relationship with him

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