1. As someone currently getting treatment for panic disorder, this is absolutely true.

  2. Thank fucking God for Express VPN and IMSA TV. Not to mention the fact the Radio Le Mans commentators are providing so much more deep insight into the race, even if it doesn't always match exactly what's happening on the screen (example fire on pit lane ~hour 22).

  3. honestly I might go this route. I genuinely miss the Radio Le Mans guys.

  4. Having John Hindhaugh and the crew giving deep insight and in general giving a better description of what is happening is amazing. The TV crew relies too much on "you can see what's on the screen yourself."

  5. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I’m all for choosing not pitting in order to gain a lap but IMSA makes you be able to pit and gain a lap AND get onto the rear bumper of the car in front of you. The two wave around and gtp wave around is just NASCARing the race.

  6. Agreed it is very generous, but I think it's great based the rules of the race.

  7. The other point is to just let all prototypes be in the front and not just gtp, so when you do get back on the lap, you’ve got some traffic (LMP2s or lmp3s) and not just only GTPs to fight.

  8. They do that. GTP, LMP2, and LMP3 all get the final wave around, but it is up to the driver to navigate around the GT cars, or at least that's how it was last season.

  9. What a move by Felipe! Passed Bamber, then used the pack of GT cars to give himself a massive gap.

  10. The plate under is excellent. I reference grow bags like a pot with a hole in the bottom as they typically struggle to retain water without some kind of water retainer underneath.

  11. Am I the only one that is a bit pissed that not obeying the early merge method was a ticketable offense a while ago?

  12. Due to the number of asks, here's the recipe. My wife makes it a little different but it's a start. Two parts sugar, one part water, one part cream. Bring the sugar and water mix to a boil, simmer until golden brown, add a pinch of salt and stir vigorously, add a splash of the heavy cream, let it bubble and then calm, then add the remaining cream.

  13. Omg! Would you be willing to DM me their caramel recipe? I love their caramel lattes, but can’t be paying close to $10 with tip for a latte frequently.

  14. Or just don't pay, and try to do the best you can. Be the underdog. That's what I do, and I'm the (so far 25-0)

  15. Yup. Youth academy player that I was able to do a x40 with like 15 coins and a whole bunch of green/blue/reds, then added 1v1 scorer. 100% worth it.

  16. Probably played someone hard defending. Very tough to get a shot on target through a back 9 defense.

  17. Shot in the dark to see if you’d know, but any idea what an IMSA season would cost in GTD? Or even the VP challenge.

  18. Thought so. In that case, it's going to cost a *little* more than the $625 a fellow Redditor said.

  19. Me too I give it to DC and it gave him corner specialist. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. Whenever I see that reward, I just give it to my GK instead of an outfield player. The game never gives you a SA that would be really beneficial for the outfield player of your choosing.

  21. Like, are we talking after unlocking every room and then booting everyone unnecessary out?

  22. Ooo, this is a really interesting strategy especially for a survival vault. The trouble comes in when raising the level of a room. With survival it's highly beneficial to keep as many rooms as possible at level 1 to make radscorpions, mole rats, roaches, and especially fires manageable.

  23. yep. But two Nuka 3-space level 1 Rooms fully staffed with E10 Dwellers keeps up with 100+ Dwellers, so one fully staffed would handle 30ish dwellers pretty easy.

  24. Exactly. I always have an empty "bail-out room" diagonal from the crafting room in case I need to toss people out.

  25. This is very similar to my grandparents. They were both 19 in late 1945 when they got married, and my grandfather was in the Navy too. My mom was their first child, born in Dec 1946. They were happily married until my grandfather passed in Feb 2020.

  26. I modified a grill similar to this into an offset + reverse flow smoker. Not difficult at all and super recommend. DM if you want to chat further.

  27. I'm so, so so sorry for your loss. We lost our baby (Chihuahua-dachsund mix with Angel's coat and coloring) to kidney failure about 4 months ago. It's such an insidious disease, and as we unfortunately found out strikes hard without warning.

  28. I wish I could use them, but my tinitis at that point is the only sound so my brain amplifies the sound and is damn near impossible to sleep.

  29. Against. The financial burden alone of the appeal process makes it worth abolishing. Death penalty needlessly costs millions of dollars and it would be far less expensive for an inmate to serve a life sentence in full.

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