High Gas Prices, Huh?

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  1. Ya he boofed a pipeline his first month in office retard

  2. I've heard people say the Ultimate is almost too light. I love both the Enhanced I have

  3. Energy came down because he used the emergency oil supply, it'll go back up. He thinks we are dumb

  4. Shorts have not covered! That's all you need to know

  5. They won't, shorts don't have to cover they can average down just like you can average up

  6. This is true, they want to control everything just like 1980s communist China

  7. It's almost like a global pandemic kicking into high gear around checks notes April 2020 caused demand for gas to plummet and the prices along with it. Amazing.

  8. Interestingly gas prices bottomed out in 2019, you can Google that and Biden hasn't come to terms with the fact that boofing America's gas supplies is a bad idea "but green energy😩" enjoy the Tesla while you freeze this winter

  9. How many days it would take shorts to close if they started now..8 days is pretty high actually👍

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