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  1. I can imagine Fred Flintstone would love a few racks on this table.

  2. I was really impressed with how they just nailed the editing with this one.

  3. I would be pissed too if my bike had no seat.

  4. STW is a great game but unfortunately it didn’t get the kinda love a lot of us wanted. Definitely enjoy the game for the fun that it is but I would keep your expectations tempered for the future. Epic made it very clear long ago that STW is a game they do not want to invest a lot of time/money into. It sucks but sadly it’s true.

  5. Do the giant curtains match the giant drapes?

  6. That was a very nice gesture and good for you.

  7. I’m so sorry for your loss and at such a young age in the grand scheme of things. My thoughts and prays are with you, your husband and family.

  8. I have been saying for years now that social media has messed up an entire generation. Sounds like a boomer thing to say but no one ever stopped to ask was it a good idea to blast you life out there for the world to see. Something as simple as not getting enough praise from peers for a photo really upsets people these days leading to depression. When I see people recording someone’s misery instead of calling the emergency services I point the finger straight at imaginary internet clout.

  9. Sometimes we just gotta spread a bit of positivity in the world.

  10. I’m glad he is ok. Feel better soon Darren.

  11. When you think you are making a really good point but just come across as a sad jealous ex who can’t move on after 5 whole years.

  12. I mean, she's raising a kid, which probably goes a long way towards keeping her ex on her mind. And rightly so. If I had a child with my ex, I'd be thinking of that fucker at least once a month for the next ten years or more.

  13. That’s hardly an excuse to publicly point at someones body to say horrible stuff when they didn’t directly do anything to them ever. The ex mom just comes across as a sad bitter petty individual that needs to grow up. She needs to move on because guess what, he did.

  14. idk the story here at all, but if everything he said about the barrister was true then he deserved this imo.

  15. Regardless of if it’s true or not you can’t just walk in (with your phone recording no less) with zero evidence and start accusing someone at their new place of work with pretty serious accusations for internet clout. That’s a great way to get sued for defamation.

  16. Like I said, I didnt know the full story or what is actually going on or who these people are. I just assumed that his allegations were correct because only a complete div would yell this stuff in the street if it wasnt 100% proven true.

  17. How can you assume he is correct especially when you say you don’t know the full story. Assuming something without any evidence shows a lack of critical thinking. You say only a complete div would say that stuff without it 100% been proven true, that’s literally what he did and without a shred of proof so I would say this guy slips into that div category lol.

  18. Barret from Final Fantasy 7 would be proud.

  19. I can't bring myself to post a picture of her in the hospital.

  20. I’m so so sorry this happened to you. I have a 6 month old so this one really hits home. My heart broke reading your post, it really did. Truly my deepest sympathies.

  21. Gotta admit I kept watching till the end lol.

  22. I hope Darren makes a full recovery in the new year. Wishing him the very best.

  23. Dustin from Stranger Things should know better.

  24. Make up, working out and fashion can do wonders but a neck jowl won’t just disappear so cleanly like that so my guess is this is a mother/daughter switcharoo.

  25. I found closing my eyes while spinning negates the dizziness a bit.

  26. “Why do a silly dangerous activity? Well for that magical internet clout of course! What a worth while thing to risk your life for indeed.” chuckles the Grim Reaper.

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