1. Yeahh thank you I might really just do that. Do you have any recommendations of others genres?

  2. I recently took a break myself and reread some of my favorite fantasy books that I think are particularly well written. I read:

  3. hey i’m all caught up on this series and i love it! can’t wait for more. i also just finished reading jake’s magical market book 1 but haven’t been able to find any recent updates about it. was wondering if you’re still working on it or if it was abandoned?

  4. no, thank you for hours of entertainment! and that sounds great. i can’t wait to read them all!

  5. Thanks, Chief, gonna watch it this evening. I just got Hulu last week and never seen this Palm Springs. Be thee an angel? Or is my luck stat finally kicking in?

  6. Those of us that love Groundhog Day so much are just connected on a spiritual level, ya know?

  7. Yes, but I don't think I've ever been in the same room as a fellow worshiper of Lord Punksatony Phill. A cruel twist of fate by the gods I guess.

  8. Nice, glad you liked it! I've added ARQ to my list next time I sit down to watch a movie, thanks!

  9. Don't know if the offer still stands, but I would love to be a beta reader as well. Was a big fan of the books, and have already submitted a couple content error reports through the Kindle on books 1 and 2

  10. Thank you for the offer! I'm a bit full for beta readers right now but if that changes I can let you know.

  11. Perfect, thank you. I have a channel on there for reporting errors and then I try to fix them up right away.

  12. This is the trope called "the author has never been in an adult relationship before in their life."

  13. One of my favorite series that does this isn't litrpg, but check out the Empire of Man series by Ringo, which starts with March Upcountry.

  14. Great series. I just listened to the audiobooks after having read it years ago.

  15. Yeah! I haven't heard the audiobooks but it is one of my comfort reads that I re-read every couple years.

  16. Thank you! Christian is recording it right now and has been working on it for over a week now, so should be done soon...ish. It is a very long book so hard to know how much longer it will take him, lol.

  17. Thank you for the reply. I’ll order it the moment it releases. I’m closing in on the battle at Carthage. The Tilley(sp?) just attacked the walls and keep. Alexander’s army is singing. You’ve got me hooked. Ha! Keep up the great work.

  18. Always good to see stuff like this to help bring more attention to books people might miss. Thanks for sharing!

  19. This subreddit gave me loads of recommendations so I’ve always wanted to give some back, but the more I wait/postpone, the bigger my list of recommendations grows… So I decided to do it slowly by slowly, recommending by genres or themes, or just straight up recommending what I feel needs to be read by a bigger audience (like in this post!)

  20. Please don't just flip pages on KU because it can flag both your account and the author's account as being a bot reading the book. Amazon tracks all of that and can sometimes ban an author's account or take a large chunk of the KU page reads.

  21. So he should read what is entirely uninteresting for him? That is kind if a weird suggestion.

  22. Huh? No, just don't flip pages purely to "help" authors because the intention is good but Amazon has sophisticated algorithms that can detect it and will severely punish authors if Amazon think bots are generating page reads. To the point where some authors have reported Amazon taking thousands of dollars away from them.

  23. I think Second Chance Swordsman is the newest one I've seen lately and lots of good things being said about it.

  24. Here is one of my favorite little cheat sheets that I sometimes browse for concepts/powers as I'm brainstorming about new stuff to add to a book.

  25. I'm still not sure how long Nova Roma 4/5 will take, but I am trying my best not to overpromise myself this year so 2024 is probably a fair estimate for Jake's #2.

  26. Yeah, I'm definitely a single-focused writer, haha. I appreciate you taking an interest at all. :)

  27. And kindle will punish the author too, they will pull a book if "too many" mistakes are pointed out. I usually will search out the author's social media or website and send them the info that way

  28. My most recent book was 267k words long. I edited it ... 4 times all the way through from front to back. Then I sent it to a professional editor (who is fantastic) and he and I did two rounds of edits together. I also had some amazing beta readers and about 30 ARC readers who also gave me great feedback on the book and any errors they spotted. And still, on day of launch readers caught a handful of errors and I had to frantically edit the epub file and re-upload the book like 8 times on launch day.

  29. Of course! Portal to Nova Roma is as good as Jake’s BTW. Reading the series has made the wait for Jake’s 2 way more tolerable.

  30. Took me a second to realize it’s you, the author! Thanks for the great books!!! 👻👻👻 I’ll be diving into the latest Portal to Nova Roma Audible as soon as it’s released in 2-3 weeks.

  31. In the distant past of the Bastion world, an Earl became King and decreed that all Earls now rank higher than Dukes The change stuck and changed the nobility rankings for all time.

  32. This is great news! I’m really enjoying the world you’re building here. I’m halfway through Chapter 7 in Venice. There’s a feeling of impending doom that I can’t shake. Great work!

  33. Haha, ignoring advice that doesn't fit you is the best way to figure out what does fit you!

  34. Your books are awesome! I can't wait for book 3 of Portal to Nova Roma to come out on Audible.

  35. I was not familiar with your book JMM. I just read the reviews on Amazon and it sounds very interesting.

  36. Nice! If you give the books a shot I hope they scratch that itch for you.

  37. Indie all the way. I find trad books have become very generic and predictable to me, other than the occasional stand out. Overall the indie writers right now are way more creative and experimental and get almost no recognition for it.

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