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  1. First they came for the Blacks but I didn't speak up cause I was not black. Then they came for the Muslims but I didn't say anything cause I am not Muslim. Now they come for me and there is no one to speak up for me.

  2. Add Trans girls to that list, they're the current group anyone can attack with much of the pubic approving of it.

  3. Barely a dent in the amount of resources the city wastes smh

  4. It also costs $6/mo so they're paying real money for this woman-less app. Some other fun facts are it's only on Apple, it cis-het only (must still bs same sex as assigned at birth and have to be straight), and one man claimed he got call from the FBI after the app asked him if he was at the Jan 6th riot and he said he was. So, it could be a data collection scam. If you complain in the reviews, the developer/owner calls you cheap and says if you can't afford $6 you shouldn't date and that only Liberals expect things for free and how that would be communism but real "Patriots" are capitalists. Most just bring up the lack of members with no one over 500 miles from them. A few suggested it only be free until a certain number of people have joined/there are a certain number of active, set up accounts. I think it's funny because some of the things the developer has said to them is similar to things these type of men have said everyone else .

  5. lol lewinsky was an intern to the fucking president and alex is a 31 y/o producer — someone in a role like alex's works alongside ned, and has a lot of leverage and agency.

  6. Your paycheck is your paycheck. Your belly gets full by it regardless if you work for the president or some YouTuber. It’s still a huge power imbalance.

  7. It's wild to me that in their earlier video statement, and now in this podcast, they have very much asked people to have more empathy about Alex, and yet people keep saying 'No I won't, she's clearly a homewrecker and evil'. Like, the people directly involved are saying that maybe there's more to this than you think, and she's been getting death threats, maybe they know the situation better than you!

  8. Look at how so many here exploded against the women in the Adam Levine scandal. Adams lies about being secretly separated from his wife and soon to be divorced and the power imbalance didn’t change their minds either.

  9. It seems no one cares until there’s 50plus victims and even then you get people saying they all coordinated and decided all together over cake and coffee they’d tell the same exact story for decades until they eventually get one thousand dollars for their story it’s grotesque

  10. I have yet to see one single person achieve the fame and fortune that assholes think victims are seeking out with sexual assault allegations.

  11. The women comedians who came out about Louis CK have dead careers now while he’s making a comeback tour about being “cancelled.”

  12. I mean, hopefully this helps, but the fine for tampering with the flow restrictor is $2,500 so many celebrities will be like 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. It’s a PR disaster if they knowingly steal water. It’s one thing to have a pool and another to do this. I’d be surprised if any of the non “Trumpy” stars attempt this tbh

  14. I don’t even think they’ve worked together since before ALL of this started happening

  15. That’s what made me think Amber was telling the truth. Depp’s bestie didn’t say one word to defend him. Not a peep. No deposition. No public support. Nothing. If my best friend was “falsely accused” of heinous crimes, I’d defend her to the end. Also, Depp asked for a role in Dumbo and the Addams family reboot and did not get either role.

  16. Doesn’t burton live in the uk at least partially and have children with a uk citizen who I presume are citizens also? My guess is after the ruling that allowed the Sun to call depp a wife beater, he may not want to deal with being sued in the UK as a resident alien. Whatever properly or assets there would be at risk to a libel lawsuit.

  17. Filmbros love Pitt, it’s obnoxious really. I’m active on the

  18. I think big media outlets are protecting Pitt for whatever reason. I never see a big Pitt expose in the major news outlets like I do DOR.

  19. Not Harry, but Ron did. In any case, Hermione always dodged the subject and became dismissive whenever it was brought up

  20. The mention of Muggle studies always make me think of the kid there who lived Muggle lives before coming to Hogwarts like Harry and just being super bored in it.

  21. Whilst you make a very good point, who doesn’t like Christmas? You definitely don’t have to be Christian to celebrate it, many many aren’t and do.

  22. Christmas is a religious holiday the school endorses and makes a big event out of it. I think this is more than "we kinda celebrate fake Christmas at home for gifts" people who may not be actual Christians sometimes do. Its strongly implies these people are Christians. St Mungos also strongly implies the existence of Christianity amongst Wizards considering Mungo is another name for a real Catholic saint named Saint Kentigern.

  23. ME! But with many drag queens impersonating her as backup singers. Eventually the audience gives up on finding the real tay and the most convincing drag queen finishes the show while the real tay sulks backstage.

  24. Creep (A Very 2021 Remix) (Featuring Radiohead) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) (10 Minute Version)

  25. Thom yorke comes on stage to first give a rant about “ kids today” not realizing the average swiftie is 35 now.

  26. I think that's because the family was adamant that Kiely wouldn't go missing voluntarily and considered abduction/trafficking likely considering her age and the circumstances (went missing after a party).

  27. As a parent just the idea that my child could die the heartbreakingly meaningless death of a drunken drive into a lake is horrifying. I can see why parents quickly buy into conspiracies and false hopes.

  28. I moved here from Houston and I can’t tell you the amount of people that were deeply concerned for me. They asked me if I was feeling well. Why I would want to move to such an awful place. They recommended I immediately buy a gun.

  29. Cities that show the success of liberal politics, public trans, etc are demonized by conservatives, many of whom own the corporatist for profit media that shapes the thinking of nearly all Americans. This is the small version of saying socialized healthcare in Europe and Canada doesn’t work. It’s just propaganda.

  30. Did you get to the end of the article, she's laying it on thick.

  31. Future reprisals like…. Someday meeting the gay parents of one of their classmates and treating that family like any other family.

  32. Best part is they’ll also be on this very fucking site complaining about how touch starved they are and how desperately they need affection from women.

  33. Reddit: women having sex is bad. Dobbs is revenge for this! Deal with it. Also child support laws should be eliminated.

  34. My dad loves them. He opens the bag and lets them go stale for like 2 weeks and then eats them. It is quite repugnant.

  35. Don't worry, there are still people who believe that, even today, voting isn't a right but a privilege. Those people are stupid, but loud.

  36. and many men for other men, but this guy thinks when these men take power they'll make sure "to take care of him" instead of, following his historical example, throwing him straight into slavery or serfdom. They always think they'll be the elites. Nope, the whole point of the elite is to make sure random useful idiots like this guy aren't given power or privilege, but used cynically for the agenda of the proper elites.

  37. Whats this referencing if you don't mind

  38. Just the idea that social media will promote your friends and fans and things upvoted/heart'd by them so when you write stuff the majority of the top comments and replies will be people agreeing with you, regardless of how loathesome your views. So its a great platforms for dishonest people and narcissists. You never get to see reality on social media. So everyone is in their own special echo chamber.

  39. Wow this such a good photo! The color contrast between the blue water and the red tops in the audience really pops out to me. And those cute pigtails! I could see this as a album cover.

  40. Nurse here, no chance am I making enough 🫥

  41. Thank you for all the good work you do! I'm sure you have changed the lives of many of your patients!

  42. I think the most important question they need to be asking themselves is “Does this movie really NEED to be made?”

  43. It seems like a pragmatic calculation...the LLC that owns the film has no money for a payout in a lawsuit. This way Halyna's last work can be released and her family can make some $, which is likely to be considerable bc for better or for worse people are going to be seeing the film bc of what happened.

  44. I mean, movies only exist in a capitalist context and I doubt our post-Trump society is ever going to be the kind of place were sociopathic rich people like Baldwin take a financial loss over the "mere" death of staff person. I mean Halyna was a nobody right, who cares! /s

  45. I have no love for the Kardashians but good luck to them for having to deal with this man for the rest of their lives.

  46. My coparenting ex is like this and its exhausting. Narcissists you can't ever get rid of is a special kind of hell. I really feel sorry for Kim, but otherwise don't like her. As a woman and mother I relate to her and feel so bad she has to deal with this nightmare. Not to mention how stressful and awful this must be for the kids.

  47. People will always make excuses for him, it’s crazy to see. He’s not a genius making controversial and ground breaking social commentary, he’s obsessed with attention and destroying everything in his way that doesn’t cater to that delusional god-like persona he came up with. He definitely needs mental health support, but that shouldn’t excuse what he’s doing to not only his family, but to his community for years.

  48. I feel like art short-circuits people's moral systems. They just identify with the art so much, then the artist must be like them, thus not a bad person at all. And now that they self-identify with the artist, any attack on the artist is an attack on themselves.

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