1. I found Laser Sword Space Monk and Second Breakfast from Galenas, and Willie's Reserve Strawberry Cheesecake from Buckeye Relief provide me with an immediate uplift in mood making me unusually talkative and happy. I will warn the Second Breakfast is quite strong and may not fit her needs if she doesn't like feeling super "high".

  2. They're all good but Sour Blue Diesel is outstanding.

  3. For me I got mine like two weeks before. And then they submitted it the day before so there was overlap and I didn’t go without.

  4. Sorry. No, never. I hate the Browns as much as the Steelers or Ravens. Even more so now with Watson.

  5. Nope :(. There are a certain percentage of us that have gut biomes, metabolisms, liver enzymes or whatever it may be that destroy any chance of us getting benefit from ingesting cannabis. I've taken 100mgs at a time and feel absolutely nothing. Really sucks.

  6. Is anyone still waiting? I usually get mine by 7am Thursday and nothing yet. Chime customer service gave the same BS answer that as soon as they get it from my employers payroll they deposit it, they don’t hold it. My payroll said they sent everyone’s out already, no holiday delays. Super frustrated cause I have no gas to get to work this afternoon.

  7. literally still waiting i have to pay rent in 2 hours

  8. My favorite brands/cultivators are Galenas and Buckeye Relief for flower and Airo (by Buckeye Relief) for carts. Brands I will not buy due to bad experience are Klutch, Firelands Scientific, Cokoh/Chizle, Cresco.

  9. Red Dragon is a version of card made by Powercolor

  10. They are in a difficult location to get in and out of if there is snow on the ground.That little incline to get out of the place would have been tough today. I'd bet that's why.

  11. Put in an order last night and got a text saying they were closed just before leaving to pick it up. Bloom in Seven Mile was open, though. And the whole store was 25% off (something they hadn't previously advertised, like their regular weekly sales). So, it worked out OK.

  12. Finished two tenths last week and I loved it. Rated 8.3/10. Very similar to Second Breakfast if you've ever had that. So yummy and smooth.

  13. Don't know what OP is talking about. I don't have to drive. Me and my horse, Tiny Little, will be fine. Ridin' along the border, with our tweezers gleaming in the moonlighty night......

  14. Klutch is nothing but a fucking game now. Figured it needed an announcer.

  15. Klutch fanbois coming to downvote this but it's the damn truth. No way I'm playin' that game.

  16. Just finished a jar of that Ghee Butter. Awesome buds and so tasty.

  17. I thought Alien Pebbles was Michigan ONLY strain!?! I so hope it makes it's way SW.......

  18. Finishing up an Artifact jar of this right now. Buds were beautiful and effects were on point but the smell and taste was muted compared to other Galenas offerings, IMO. I'd buy it again but only on a super deal.

  19. EPBC is special. It's my absolute number one strain in the program. So, IMO, finding it's equal is gonna be tough. But, Black Jack by BE and Outer Space by Standard are the ones that I've had that would be most like EPBC as far as effects go.

  20. Looks like you got the other pheno from the batch I had. Mine had over 1% terpinolene on top. Chit was 💣. This one looks pretty good too!

  21. My advice for a newb, particularly if you like flower, is pay attention to the terpene numbers more than the THC%. Learn which terps or combinations of terps work best for what you're trying to achieve. I've had flower that was 17% THC that had a more desirable effect for me than other stuff that was 25% due to the particular terpenes in each strain.

  22. Limonene (lemon) is the primary smell of this strain.

  23. /\/\ This. Despite the name, the strain is all citrus. No peanut butter taste or smell in even the slightest sense.

  24. I have Black Jack rated as an 8.4 and Triple Chocolate Chip as a 7.0. I would not buy Triple Chocolate Chip again (after buying it twice) but would definitely buy Black jack again.

  25. Is Columbia Care in Monroe or Ethos in Lebanon an option for you? Not sure how close you live to Seven Mile but these are my 3 closest dispensaries. Bloom and Columbia Care are about equal distance from me (10 miles or so). Ethos is a tad further (20 miles) but worth it for sales.

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