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  1. Looks like you got the other pheno from the batch I had. Mine had over 1% terpinolene on top. Chit was 💣. This one looks pretty good too!

  2. My advice for a newb, particularly if you like flower, is pay attention to the terpene numbers more than the THC%. Learn which terps or combinations of terps work best for what you're trying to achieve. I've had flower that was 17% THC that had a more desirable effect for me than other stuff that was 25% due to the particular terpenes in each strain.

  3. Limonene (lemon) is the primary smell of this strain.

  4. /\/\ This. Despite the name, the strain is all citrus. No peanut butter taste or smell in even the slightest sense.

  5. I have Black Jack rated as an 8.4 and Triple Chocolate Chip as a 7.0. I would not buy Triple Chocolate Chip again (after buying it twice) but would definitely buy Black jack again.

  6. Is Columbia Care in Monroe or Ethos in Lebanon an option for you? Not sure how close you live to Seven Mile but these are my 3 closest dispensaries. Bloom and Columbia Care are about equal distance from me (10 miles or so). Ethos is a tad further (20 miles) but worth it for sales.

  7. Got a half of this same batch. Love the taste and effects. Quickly becoming one of my favorite strains.

  8. Still using my Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 after 20 years. It's the second iteration of this stick which has USB instead of gameport. Damn good products.

  9. Second Breakfast (Galenas) / Root beer kush (Buckeye) / Robots (Woodward) / Black Jack (Grow Ohio) / Burkle (Grow Ohio) / Blueberry Cheesecake (Woodward) / Blue Dream (Standard Wellness) / Thin Mints (OCL) / Tahoe OG (FRX) / Sour Tangie (Grow Ohio)

  10. Why in the world would this comment receive downvotes? This is great information!

  11. I, too, have herniated disks in my upper back/neck that cause pain and headaches. My top strains for my neckaches/headaches are Root Beer Kush by BR and Second Breakfast by Galenas

  12. Can't wait 'til this makes it's way SW. Looks yummy!

  13. The Bengals paid a lot of money to have an offensive line that is no different, at best. They may be worse.

  14. That's not what I saw. I saw one lineman who can't handle a good pass rusher, but the run game was there for the taking, and Mixon got arm tackled play after play. He was consistently getting 2-4 yards when a quality RB could go for 6+. It was a huge factor in our offensive game plan falling flat.

  15. We must not be watching the same game. Run game was stuffed time and time again. It's time to face facts. This big money O-Line ain't worth the big money. Yet, at least. To blame the failings on Mixon is laughable IMO

  16. Guess their Rad machine isn't up and working yet LOL.

  17. I think it's subjective. For me, anything that has high amounts of Limonene or Terpinolene is usually good.

  18. Cake Crasher by Galenas and Cake It Easy by Buckeye Relief are my tops. Wedding Punch and Certified Cake by Certified are solid also. Cake strains are my favorites.

  19. Cool! Thanks. Gonna try to find this spot :)

  20. I share a friend group with ZG. I've got to chat with him a few times. Very cool dude.

  21. One of my top ten in the program, for sure. Love the flavor and smell of this one.

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