1. It’s really hard for me to believe anyone would act like this. What’s the backstory?! Or are people just really this nasty to their families?

  2. Wether he’s well suited for it or not, he’ll still be better than 99.9 percent of actors. Dude is a goat and the best actor the MCU has had

  3. He's fine. But, besides the obvious Tony Hopkins, Redford, and Patrick Stewart, I'd put Angela Basset and Annette Benning above him any day of the week. Then you have Laurence Fishburne and Sam Jackson, Michael Douglas, Stanley Tucci, Tommy Lee Jones, Glenn Close, Tony Leung, Michelle Yeoh...

  4. I had a geology professor in undergrad who refused to teach the 101 geology undergrad class any different than his graduate level class. His specialty was volcanology, and the curriculum and tests were ricockulous. I still remember, 30 years on, the meat of some of the questions from his section's final: they were the chemical formulas of minerals, and we were supposed to identify the minerals, where they were formed, and how (which type of subduction zone, or whatever, I can't remember it anymore).

  5. Fun fact for the US, Denver was the birthplace of riders' rights regarding public transit:

  6. On my high school dance team, we’d always go carbo load before competitions at ChiChis. Man I loved their chimis and fried ice cream.

  7. Damnit you’re right! I knew something sounded off

  8. My friends and I were discussing this. It’s got more how your brain works than lifestyle. Several of my friends are neurodivergent, myself included. We cannot think in silence; it drives us batshit crazy. The friends we have that are more neurotypical find constant noise distracting.

  9. As a Korean-American, it’s weird, cos it’s not just K-Pop that’s super trendy, it’s also the food, the language, k-drama, etc. I’m a GenXer, and for 45 years of my life, I was considered the lowest tier of East Asian. Now, I’m super trendy?

  10. It's a holiday destination which needs to be seen to be comprehended. (It cannot be comprehended.)

  11. Colecovision was the shit. Ladybug, Zaxxon, Pitfall. So much fun.

  12. I had the two Modernas and received the Pfizer about a week ago. This dose was much smoother going than either Moderna shot. I just felt extra tired the next day. The Moderna shots had me with flu like symptoms each time.

  13. I LOVE Charlotte and 8! Scherzo is my favorite Big Finish stories.

  14. Frying pan method works perfectly as well for those that do not have an air fryer

  15. I’ve never heard of pan frying pizza. Does this work with any NY style pizza?

  16. According to my very reliable sources*, men take about 20 minutes for a typical poop session.

  17. But why??? My husband takes forever to poop. Unless I'm having stomach trouble, I'm done in a minute or two. Do men just find sitting on the toilet comfortable, or something?

  18. Are we going to talk about Charisma’s hair? If she saw someone in her high school with that hair she’d (verbally) slay them. I’m curly and have learned to like it but this looks like a bad perm.

  19. That's cos it prolly is. That is standard late 80s perm hair. Every girl in my high school had that hair.

  20. Isn’t that funny. I’m high school class if ‘91 and everyone was straight! The only permed people were “country”. She’s 3 years older than me though so maybe that was the thing, just not at my school.

  21. Also class of 91! Went to school in MN. That was the hair to have. Needed that Aqaunet hairspray wings, and height to the bangs.

  22. I have those! I bought them at a Walgreens, or something like that, in about 1996, in downtown MPLS. I have the mushroom soup one.

  23. I don’t know what happened to her in the MCU, but she was a delusional piece of shit in the comics for a hot minute too.

  24. Don’t discount the state universities. U of Az has one of the best astronomy programs in the nation for undergrad; UC Boulder has prolly the best meteorology program (mountains do the whacky to weather here in Denver). Small private colleges are also amazing: Carleton College in Minnesota has one of the best poli-sci programs; St. Olaf is known for its music program. U of Chicago is known (or at least was) for physics (Fermi Lab); U of Iowa at Ames for material sciences.

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