1. What's the data source for the best counters? I'm not sure why you would suggest Karate Chop over Counter for (Shadow) Machamp. On

  2. Used PokeBattler for this graphic. I did think the same but I agree, better off just keeping Counter.

  3. Are these moves on the counter pokemon attainable? After the recent surge of bergmite’s I’ve got a decent avalugg but can’t get ice fang or avalanche, only power snow and blizzard even with the use of elite tms

  4. Your Avalugg is probably the Hisuian form. You need the Kalos Avalugg to learn Ice Fang & Avalanche!

  5. It might not be you. I also noticed it just changed to a different ranking than when I checked a couple of days ago. Maybe they updated with stats for mega Salamence?

  6. Yeah I think that’s it. They updated the images and the stats by the looks of it!

  7. I did see that. It’s difficult to come up with a completely different design in 1 week. Besides everyone else doesn’t have any problems with this layout. If you have any ideas of how to fix it or can design an infographic, send me a DM.

  8. I would’ve thought the same but PokeBattler and a few other sites are posting Dragon Breath as better.

  9. So the name tricks should work here, yeah?

  10. Are these best for PVP or PVE? I’ve got high IV Pokémon I can evolve but they’re not all great for PVP

  11. I’m not too interested in PVP. Is there something similar to this for PVE? Although I won’t use this, this is what the community needs. Awesome work OP.

  12. I’ve got 2 articles that focus mainly on PVE with a bit of PvP on GO Hub, but unfortunately no infographic. I’ll link them below.

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