1. I straight up don’t allow evil PCs at my table. It just causes too many problems. I tell my players this in session 0. No one has complained yet.

  2. This may be a stupid question, but can it also be used for VR games?

  3. Irish are refreshingly some of the lease offended people

  4. I haven’t met many Irish folks, but the ones I have were some of the chillest/nicest people I’ve ever met.

  5. Irishman here. I've never once been offended by Irish coffee, nor have I ever met another Irish person who was. Car bombs, though... I don't live on the island so it's a little different. But I do live in an area where we've got something 73% Irish population with a lot of first generation immigrants who get upset about car bombs and black & tans at the pub

  6. The car bomb thing makes sense. What’s the black and tan about? I’m not familiar.

  7. Mario Bros (mainline series) always has some good tunes. A lot of the spin-off games have great music too.

  8. Kinkos might not be your best bet. They might not even be the cheapest. Look up local print shops on google and ask about their pricing. My printer has bulk pricing (prints are cheaper the more you buy.) They will probably have better paper options too.

  9. I love the games that let me turn the difficulty up or down mid game (without starting a new game.)

  10. Stardew valley is a great escape

  11. Gonna throw my hat in for Stardew Valley and Hollow Knight too.

  12. Running around doing nothing is kind of the best way to play this game. That might sound unintuitive if you’ve played any Zelda games before this one.

  13. I had a friend (RIP Rick) who was a picture book author. He often commented jokingly that he would love for his books to get banned. “No faster way to sell 10,000 copies” he would say.

  14. Cool idea for a birthday gift or something. I would have been stoked to get something like this when I was a kid.

  15. I’ve had randos DM me a few times on Instagram. As soon as they mention crypto or NFTs I know it’s a scam.

  16. It’s actually being studied that playing games may help prevent dementia

  17. I’m gonna spend most of my time in the retirement home playing Mario Kart and DnD.

  18. Jump rope. I can’t do it for more than 30 seconds before I’m totally winded.

  19. My 5th grade teacher told me I could get any color by mixing the primary colors just right. LIES!! IT WAS ALL LIES!!

  20. Not sure why you are being downvoted. This is basically what I’m saying. It’s good practice for beginners. Just don’t get stuck with these limitations.

  21. For sure. It’s important to know how it all works. These days I just don’t have the patience to not get the results I want right away.

  22. Tunic was really good and surprising in the best kind of way.

  23. The second half is better. There is some good character development.

  24. Oh no, I made a spelling mistake in the internet. And it was so unclear what I was trying to say. However will I live with myself?

  25. I believe that's how the creator of that story invisioned the character. But yeah the actual Humpty Dumpty was a canon.

  26. I'm not a Christian but doesn't the bible have instances of marriage between one man and several women?

  27. I’d argue that unless they have turned into this creature, they would have no idea what it’s like. Druids are not omniscient about all creatures just by sake of being a Druid. You gotta, you know, learn stuff.

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