1. Sorry what do you mean by microgram potent? As they are stronger than thc 0? I do enjoy O. And thanks for the info

  2. Meaning the dosage for 1st time users is 250-750mcgs. Even just 1 full mg might be an over dose.

  3. If it's a 1 mL glass syringe with no needle, then maybe. It is gonna require a lot of squeeze at only 10% CBC thinning oil unless you HHC is softer than mine.

  4. I've been enjoying the cbc and cbg but cbn is my favorite, I can even take up to 50mg during the day for anxiety. Cbg is great first thing in the morning or before a meal to avoid over eating.

  5. All these features to protect you from the post- apocalyptic chaos outside but she forgets that once she puts her kids in the car. The real threat is coming from inside.

  6. There's just no damage quite like psychological damage.

  7. They definitely do, t.p.b's and the go getters are great movies and examples of degenerate Canadians.

  8. Did you try the spectrum blend? How was it?

  9. I enjoyed that one very much but my tolerance is lower now so I'm good with d9 or even d8 vaped gets me pretty good. I'm probably going to stay away from the P's and O's to keep tolerance down. It's so much easier being able to take one gummy or one vape hit every few hours. It was a nice experience though. Hhcp is no joke, I will definitely keep some for special occasion.

  10. THCV and CBGA are two of my favorite alts that you didn't mention.

  11. I've really been enjoying the cbg and cbc during the day and a big dose like 50mg cbn before bed. It really is a much better experience than most of the MJ products with super high THC and no minor noids and 2 or 3 percent terps. These minor noids really enhance my day to day life.

  12. Why would I care about what you pay for things. I think the pg is scrambling your eggs buddy.

  13. Not only is there no testing beyond thc content (meaning you’re probably breathing in some yummy toxic chemicals) but their shits insanely overpriced, even for a disposable. 1g for $40 is a fucking scam.

  14. Sadly many people in certain states would buy them all day.

  15. Third world countries have first class drugs.. makes sense to me I guess 🤷

  16. Ludes are very popular in Africa. Less money requires more drug to money for said drug.

  17. Ludes!?!? I only know about those from listening to my buddy's father's old Cheech and Chong records when I was a kid in the 80s. So from what I gather.. a modern day Lude would be akin to a Adderall?? In other words an upper?? I've never seen either of these in real life but word on the street is that Adderall is quite enjoyable. Am I right about the Lude?

  18. If you want a similar safe experience take a large amount of amitriptyline or trazadone.

  19. My pakage has been within 40 minutes from my house for the last 11 days. It's probably not coming soon

  20. And they wonder why so many adults have mental breakdowns.

  21. Mine came with no updates. It was just delivered. It was an express package though. I had completely given up hope because tracking never updated. It also came this evening right before the cut off. Not with my mail.

  22. Did you check to see how long before it was marked as delivered?

  23. You're gonna be waiting until tuesday, minimum.

  24. Pack sent from CT 2day express to Vegas. It was sent early afternoon 23rd is a tomorrow delivery a possibility? Even a personal sup helping out running a few envelopes around? I believe with God all things are possible but we are talking federal regulations here.

  25. I used the word sour as in a way people say vinegar smells sour or fermentation or how milk smells sour. It's an off smell that smells kinda like vinegar, fermentation, or cat piss is the closest smell I can compare it to

  26. Sour isn't a smell 😅😅😅 Some people hear with the useless correction comments must be sad people.

  27. Rosin mixed with d8 is like dom p mixed with sunny d.

  28. They do the same thing with pedo stings but we don’t have issues with that!

  29. The center 401 south Maryland might be worth visiting, I don't know of clubs though but they probably have something on Fremont too.

  30. I like the zong. But a clean beaker is a close second

  31. Man I gave up with those guys. They clearly have nothing better to do. Just ignore them follow their stupid little rules and make your own sub if you want shoot I’ll join and I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about this stuff

  32. And yet you still don't understand the first rule of fight club. This is a great sub and the mods are working very hard to keep it that way.

  33. My first job was a barista at only 15yo, I loved it.

  34. We have to wait for the vodka to wear off a little before we know any real side effects. 2nd week in January should be fine.

  35. Holy shit those still exist? I thought they went the way of circuit city.

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