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  1. Fun fact - it has one of the first recorded uses of the term "gay" to mean homosexual when Cary Grant is asked why he is wearing a lady's bathrobe and he sarcastically says, "Because I just went GAY all of a sudden!"

  2. Haha that jump he does when he says it. So good

  3. Will someone pls paint the strawberry scene for me?

  4. It's hard for me to cry. Tonight, I cried harder than I have in years.

  5. It's this fucking song. It's a cheat code for getting me to bawl my eyes out. Heard it first in Arrival, now I'm* sitting here listening to it still crying:

  6. ARRIVAL! Thank you. It immediately made me sob harder than I already was and I couldn’t think of why it was effecting me that bad.

  7. Jesus same here. I bawled for 5 minutes and knew I knew it from something else that ripped me apart

  8. I was holding it together until On The Nature of Daylight started 😭

  9. Oh my god I just bawled my eyes out. The most I've cried in 3 years

  10. Like a midget at a urinal, I was gonna have to stay on my toes.

  11. Like a blind man at an orgy* I was gonna have to feel things out

  12. Pretty much every scene in Dracula Dead and Loving It. But an standout is:

  13. Speaking of the bear cast members, Jeremy Allen White would make a brilliant wolverine. He's already got the physique and he's quite short for an actor.

  14. I'm not seeing it. I think he'd be a good Angel or Iceman though

  15. Genuinely thought this was some sort of massive, terrifying (yet vaguely tasty looking) bug for a second. Sorry! :)

  16. Read the book while you're at it. Short and real disturbing

  17. I second this. What I would pay for more time with my wife.

  18. I want to start going to gyms but I'm confused if there are trainers that work with the gym and you get them when you sign the contract and just make appointments or are they 3rd party and its another charge?

  19. You can add personal training as a service on top of your monthly gym membership. Most gyms have a staff of trainers on site and will usually give you a free class on your first visit to see if you like the regimen.

  20. Holy shit that fucker is still alive?? He was old in the 80s!

  21. But.. but.. they beat the Dolphins this year. That’s a Super Bowl for them right?

  22. We haven't lost a superbowl in 50 years. Take that Buffalo!

  23. Imagine a living breathing numenor or Kazad dun.. with cdpr-like side quests and writing.

  24. I read a book about Hiroshima when I was in the first grade. I wasn't given any context. I ended up terrified of nuclear bombs for most of my life even after I was given context. This just made me throw up.

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