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  1. They are lucky the ring did not fall off the balcony

  2. still there is a lot going on with the deepfake that gives it away, like most of the facial muscles move in a very nonorganic robotic way, for how his mouth moves the same distance even for different tonalities of the words he pronounces. still, it is scary as an avg joe would never be able to tell the difference between.

  3. How long will it be before this tech is ported to glasses and someone figures out the application in porn...

  4. Lol..he didn't expect was so unexpected and he thought he was gonna show him a beautiful lady ..

  5. This is why he deserves another chance as Superman. As much as I would love to have David Corenswet play the role. Henry is perfect for the role too and basically acts like Superman irl in interviews, plus he has so much passion for the character. He deserves to finally act like Superman in a movie.

  6. There will definitely be a next Superman movie with henry

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