1. 100k miles? That's nothing in the us. Plus the repair fees and parts prices are higher due to availability and the complexity of their designs. But Americans are also aware that german cars also cheap out on simple things like using an inordinate amount of plastic on their connections. Bmw still uses plastic in critical engine parts.

  2. Ahh you're daily dose of incel porn on this sub complete with made up backstory

  3. SGA and a bunch of Gleaguers are putting up over 70 pts before halftime. All you need to know.

  4. OKC has scored on what like 9 straight possessions. Beverly, Westbrook, and Schroeder all in the game. Lmao.

  5. It just plays into the whole "he is a thug" image people are trying to paint. All in all the message and the grammar are a bad call given the drama at the moment.

  6. correction: the image he is trying to paint for himself as a wannabe gangsta

  7. Jesus Christ, how bout some ATACMs so we can end the war already.

  8. The idea that a single weapon system will win the war is ridiculous. Would ATACMs open up new strike options for Ukraine. Absolutely. Would they win the war. No

  9. Atacms, abrams, f-16s. Better? All the shit thats gonna be sent in a year eventually anyway.

  10. The Grizzlies were super well liked just last year- young team, small market, Ja is box office every night, there was literally no reason to hate on them until Ja started getting into the news for the wrong reasons and making cocky statements. Basically, they did it to themselves. Still enjoy watching Ja play though

  11. I couldn't stand him last year. His act didn't change, he's always been this way

  12. Does the military monitor all hobby drones?

  13. The balloon is 200ft tall, ain't no hobby lobby drone.

  14. I'm in tears. I had no idea LeBron had anything to do with that trade. This shocking revelation will haunt me.

  15. Huh? Weird reaction. Why so defensive? Why would it hurt you. Unless.... Lmao.

  16. that's michlin star worthy compared to real lonely man's food, instant ramen.

  17. How far do you think he could throw the knife? And what further threat would he pose after throwing his only weapon? Do you think a double amputee can close the range with any one of those officers before they can move out of range?

  18. he can definitely throw it 8 feet and he could definitely close the gap since he was still walking on his stumps at a faster than normal walking pace.Yes if he didnt have the weapon he wouldnt be a threat but he didnt drop the knife, did he? Dude did you even watch the video? smh

  19. The military was involved in the coup plot. One of the greatest failings of the jan. 6th committe was in failing to investigate the entirety of the plot only focusing on trump. Which ironically has made it tougher to prosecute Trump, yes they don't do the actual prosecution but elements of the fbi and doj were also involved in the plot so they're not gonna move to prosecute their own unless there's public pressure

  20. Ahh your daily dose of incel porn on this sub

  21. most fans love him, its just goofy white 30 year old redditors on

  22. Ask your celtics fan mates if they love him, lol

  23. Agreed. Ja Morant comes from a good home, with a good father but wants to act like he’s signed to Yo Gotti and CMG.

  24. You’re seriously asking if people like one of the most entertaining players in the league?

  25. Kyrie Irving is one of the most entertaining players in the league as well. What's your point

  26. I thought the ban was for the in arena actions though.

  27. You're welcome buddy! Glad I could mentor a toddler today :D

  28. So you're mom finally got to your computer i see. Yes Mrs. Idiot you can call that mentoring but I think you can do a better job with your child.

  29. Your replies are hilariously meek, cheers for another laugh champ! I'll catch you around, hopefully you won't be as miserable next time!

  30. Aww, recess over? Mrs. Idiot can Timmy come out to play some more. Bwahahahahahaha

  31. Jaylen brown was going crazy in the playoffs. I dont think I would trade him.

  32. You know who was even crazier in the playoffs, Kevin durant

  33. Because kids literally adore him. Him and LaMelo are popular. I have multiple nieces and nephews and I’ve worked in schools and coached youth sports. Those two are overwhelmingly the most popular NBA players. Giannis, Tatum and Luka are comparative nobodies.

  34. He's was cringe to me the first time I heard him speak

  35. Lakers media people going on overdrive right now for damage control 🤣

  36. Idiot fans on overdrive right now for damaged ego control

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