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  1. I think I’m shadow banned from getting so many accounts banned on all my phones. Any tips?

  2. The best thing to do if you haven’t had a similar experience I’d listen to them. The experience of loss to suicide is a unique type of grief that not everyone can relate to. Don’t try to sympathize by saying you understand their pain because you lost a grandparent. Admit you don’t understand their pain and that’s okay, you still care for them as a friend and want to help them in any way possible even if it means just listening.

  3. I used to play a ton of engineer, but now mostly Acrid

  4. Ooo. We should find out which one of us is better :D

  5. I mean I’ve gotten that much or more for doing nothing too. I guess I have high expectations if someone says they’ll spoil me

  6. Honestly girl, get off your high horse. You're coming off as really petty and jealous 😬 Don't belittle someone else's success because you've "gotten that much or more". It's just rude.


  8. I have E8 gold and Acrid was definitely the hardest to finish. I did try the suggested visions and purity which probably work great on her. But if you’re not using lunars then recommended is movement speed, gasoline, repulsion armor plates

  9. ... why would she have to barter for the cookies? She's the one selling them

  10. So I watched it and basically she has to sell one $5 box of cookies to win a contest. So basically she fucked him so he would buy $5 worth of cookies. Makes perfect sense

  11. My tier list is a bit diff than you hah (ooops didn’t include dlc update but those are play e8 for a good challenge)

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