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  1. This is why i wanna renounce my citizenship and move somewhere else where I might actually be able to raise a child

  2. Australia is nice. Having a whole ass baby in a hospital for only the price of parking is nice

  3. Australia would be lovely, but i am much too afraid of the bigass spiders

  4. I haven't seen a huntsman in well over a year! I live in Melbourne. If that's of any help lol

  5. At work they threw away a 4000$ coffee machine. I took it home, fixed the seized plastic component and used it for 5 years then sold it for 500$

  6. I believed in and was convinced of the American Dream. How fucking naïve could someone be?

  7. My mum had a friend whose home looked similar to this, I spent a lot of time there. She was German and had alot of Scandinavian furniture, something I'd never seen living in NZ in the 90s.


  9. was gonna say, 500g is insane, never seen it before either. Was surprised to find out the original pic (from 4 years ago) was taken in Australia, which is where I'm from. From some googling it seems you can only get these at a wholesaler like costco.

  10. The photo was taken at aldi, they have them in the middle aisle periodically

  11. I’ve watched three family members let alcohol suck them into the grave. All three went in very different ways, none of them good, quick, or painless. I wish you the best.

  12. I cut all contact with her over a year ago, it's been for the best honestly.

  13. My uncle drank himself to death after my aunt divorced him. I’m not even sure anyone bothered with an autopsy. He never really “functioned”, just embraced the abyss and let it consume him.

  14. Wow, that is alot for one person to see. Hope you're looking after yourself.

  15. I think it’s a Titan Stick Insect (Acrophylla titan), and is the the longest insect in Australia. The Titan Stick Insect is mainly found along the coastal strip east of the Great Dividing Range, from Sydney and north to south east Queensland.

  16. Wow deviantart is still around? I should figure out how to deactivate my account fuck

  17. He's an old man in his 80's, for him meningitis due to being without hat in -20 is riskier than falling brick.

  18. I thought Mt. Taranaki looking toward Mts. Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngaruahoe.

  19. She would be so pleased to know that the best part of her left on this planet, is you.

  20. I love it, put me under a hydrolic press baby.

  21. I really hope I have a relationship with my son's like this one day. I'm trying my best

  22. This feels like the same energy as fleabag and hot priest

  23. Thank god she wasn't asking these questions on a Monday!

  24. Pro tip. Do your own dishes right after you cook, rinse and wash a cup as you use it. make sure none of the dishes in that sink are yours. When it's full of said roommates dishes, mention that they need to be done. give it 24 hrs, then place all of those dishes in a trash bag and place the bag on the roommates bed. You'll have a clean sink and the mess is your roommates problem

  25. The journey TO the bladder is where we experience the worst pain. Bladder to outside world, not so much. Passed two, that size, in one week. Am in line for a serious urology work up to see what’s what. YMMV.

  26. I went to school in Australia, bit different, you bring your own lunches etc, but in middle school, the man who worked at the canteen, his name was Alfie, prob in his 60s with a bad leg, he would tell us at the end of lunch, 'oh Ive got so many chicken sandwiches made up that are gonna go to waste do you guys want them?'

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