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  1. Quality and standard of life and infra are far superior in Hyd than in Pune!

  2. Lol it's funny how all answers saying Pune are getting down voted.

  3. You’re wrong about most things but the worst one is the communication issue. Dude, even people who speak Telugu, understand Hindi (Deccani to be precise).

  4. It's a rage bait and he got you hooked like a hood rat on that one

  5. Arey op ga andharni downvote sesudu kadhu mingei ithey ledha ott lo susko nelanti liberal galle repu deshanni takkuva chcesi matladatharu ammestharu.

  6. You reached big time there. How is he going to sell the nation with a logical rant?

  7. Just pay for the ticket yourself. The ticket is issued to the registered owner of the vehicle and it is not recorded on their driving record.

  8. That’s his personal life. I don’t think it’s right to judge him cuz of that. His game should be the sole reason to make him stay.

  9. And people are going to apply the same logic to Sajid’s stay too then. He’s a fucking abuser. Check Daljeet’s interviews, he threatened her with the power which he did again inside the house(lawyers and stuff)!

  10. They should be imo. Anyone who's less than 22 years old and greater than 11 years old should give up seats unless they have health problems. Older people deserve to sit.

  11. No one “deserves” anything. This very entitlement is the reason why boomers make life hell for the rest of us.

  12. Yeah!! I know. But tell me bro how am I supposed to differentiate between the two? How am I supposed to know whether someone sees me as just another dude or as a terrorist? I'm not trying to attack you. This is a genuine question.

  13. You don't. Why would you care what anyone thinks? As long as you’re true to yourself, fuck them!

  14. I gotta make new friends, no? Whenever I'm in a new place or am switching companies or just interacting with people. Anyways, thanks for your kind words, brother. Peace be with you!

  15. Some user posted ranting about Hijabi Arab women picking up toys from Salvation Army donations and went on to say that they were not Christian enough to be picking up toys for Christmas.

  16. Wtf? Don't embarrass the sub, please. The people in the city does enough to embarrass IRL

  17. Indian muslims aren't models of humanity at all. Afzal Guru , main culprit of Parliament bombings, when hanged saws millions of them turning up for his funeral.

  18. So an university professor is being compared to a third class comedian now? What next?

  19. You know, they're probably better suited as a couple than Ankit-Priyanka and Tina-Shalin.

  20. Stalin? Shalin? Logic to follow up? We ain't watching the same show bestie

  21. I'm resigning from my job this December 15. Serving Notice period. That's a non technical role.

  22. The saddest part of this whole thing is, some people can’t just do it. Being able to leave everything, and “not give a fuck” is a privilege that only a few can have.

  23. literally the previous post on this sub was this exact video.

  24. That poster was lazy, just imported directly from tiktak. I’m a bit sophisticated, thanks!

  25. దేశభాషలందు తెలుగు లెస్స ! Pichi badcowlu kavalani Telegu ani rastaru so that they prove we’re “inferior”! Fuck them!

  26. Hey, I’m sorry for snooping around, but I went through your profile and read a couple of posts and I want to tell you that you’re so brave for pushing yourself through all the shit that’s been hurled at you!

  27. pitbulls were bred to be extremely human friendly. So if you are someone who is going off the basis of "genetics" you would have to account for the fact that pitbulls were bred to cull their own if they showed any aggression toward humans.

  28. Weird cause I’ve never met any bad pitbull owners. We all love our dogs and the breed. If you wanna say “statistically” then you Bette be able to back it up.

  29. You’ve never met any bad pit bull owners? Good thing you don’t use Reddit often /s

  30. WHERE THE FUCK IS THIS PLACE? I have to save my fucking penny. You tell me the address right now

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