Stoner women: how to get the smell out of hair without washing?

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  1. how tf are you even going to smoke this OP? are you gonna just burn and smoke through all the roaches?

  2. I know a guitar teacher that also plays banjo, maybe he could teach it. Definitely has a lot of patience. Interested?

  3. not a woman but I have long dense curly hair. Smoking outside is usually the best way

  4. That’s what I thought at first but it doesn’t really make sense

  5. Please do not kill this plant like people are saying, that would be a a huge shame. Cut off the most infected parts, keep it away from your other plants and hope for the best 🤞🏼

  6. I think its meant to represent the region of the british isles… not the actual… borders

  7. The person who made this map was definitely born on a Dublin street where the royal drums liked to beat.

  8. But it almost looks as if all Ireland has been annexed by the UK, and it is now a whole constituent country

  9. Yes and after you done you have to launch it!

  10. It was starting to mould, and due to rain the next day. So I just cut off the moldy bits and dried it a little bit early, I have more anyway that weren’t molding.

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