1. They are really fantastic looking wheels, but holy hell I don’t think I can imagine a much worse wheel to clean, and the DS2500 pads seem to be purpose build to make endless amounts of sticky dust.

  2. It went on at 180k. So about 27k miles boosted. It is a BP midmount kit.

  3. Want a boosted one? 500HP 2007 Touring Silver. 6MT.

  4. Damn lmao, oh to have 2012 prices again! But i don’t believe gallery gaskets have been done yet, but those should be be good till at least 60k right? i’ve heard of people at 120k plus with original gaskets

  5. yeah, i know they’re definitely solid right now it has great oil pressure and no smell of oil burning, i definitely knew i’d have to do them in the future before buying it planning for around 50k-60k, but thank you that is useful info!

  6. Sounds good. Those are the pressures at hot temps. So it needs about 20 minutes of driving.

  7. Honestly, I think Nissan should go back to their Z roots and gives us an I6. Throw on some turbos and we're off to the races. The world needs more I6s anyway. Kind of a shame how BMW is the only one still putting serious effort into that engine configuration.

  8. I6s are extremely hard to pass crash testing with because of their length. Theyre much longer than a v8 or even v10.

  9. Nah. turboed V6 would be better. The 300zx TT, in my opinion, is the perfect Z. I wish they had kept the turbos though the next two generations.

  10. No rolling necessary at stock height. I've run that set with a square 275/40 setup and it doesn't rub. Currently I have 265/40 and 5 mm spacers and it's all fine.

  11. Those are tall. I run 285/35 square and have no issues with a +32 on a 18x9.5

  12. It sounds like any other single turbo vq... Thankfully the turbo made the Motordyne much quieter.

  13. Shoot me a PM and I will send you a diagram.

  14. I have the BP kit and really like it. I make 500 stock block. Can be done for less than 10k

  15. Lol this car has never seen a tandem.

  16. Doesn’t really look like anything wrong the previous owner did. Looks like the OEM spark plug seals, and these motors are notorious for burning oil through the PCV system. Thats why there is oil in the intake. This looks exactly like every other 150k mile DE out there that has not had the valve covers replaced yet.

  17. None of your arms or bushings will affect this clearance. Only your wheel bearing and wheel offset. Are these new wheels to you? They may just be the wrong offset.

  18. Im hoping you mean for the 2023/2024 season?

  19. You gotta commit to the throttle. HARD.

  20. I have difficulties releasing the clutch when doing it with two fingers. Is one finger enough or is that too little clutch?

  21. It needs to be able to rev up pretty good. If you can squeeze it enough with one to get the rpm to jump up then thats okay. If the rpm can’t jump up freely then you need more.

  22. Put a jack at the back of the engine and lift a bit. The goal is the raise the rear of the engine .5” or so. Should help it slide apart.

  23. An oil change, spark plugs, air filter cleaned. Make sure you have no outstanding codes. Make sure your tires are at 35ish when you get on the rollers cold.

  24. Idk about cold it’s 35mi drive for me lol but it’s mighty cold outside so if I leave it for an hour or so it should cooldown

  25. I just mean set the pressures when cold.

  26. Actually love the tread on them. I think they are discontinued

  27. Looked awesome, but the loudest street tires I have ever heard in my life

  28. While what you said is true, the 2nd gen Frontier is very highly regarded for its reliability. It’s a very basic truck and the long production run means Nissan was able to iron out nearly all of the issues. Source: I own one.

  29. Agreed, along with the Xterra. If I could walk into a dealer and buy a new 2015 Xterra off the lot I would. Even more so if they had one based on the new Frontier chassis.

  30. Ive driven with an S1 on track in Nola.

  31. No idea I didnt even know we had one I don’t think we do tbh maybe came on higher trims I have a basemodel.

  32. Every Z has a rear nozzle and wiper.

  33. No washer nozzle left, everything came out, the plug sticks out a bit, never used it since I bought the car went through a winter already and I just personally dont care lol, I think it looks cleaner with out

  34. The nozzle is literally still there at the top of the rear glass in this photo.

  35. Faction CT3.0 or the Bent chet 110.

  36. External slave??? HR slaves are inside the tranny right?

  37. Ahh, HR cars don’t have CD009 transmissions. HR cars have a JK4x.

  38. I’m pretty sure they don’t have those, not 100% sure but ya

  39. I expect things to look taken care of. You can have a missile car that still looks like effort was made to take care of the car.

  40. I mean its knocking. You should run it as little as possible until you get the motor out if you plan on salvaging anything. It will need a new engine, or new bearings. The more times you crank it, the more you guarantee that you’ll need a new engine.

  41. Please tell me you have a tune to be running the spray?

  42. Mine sometimes doesn’t go in gear after I put it in neutral when I stop at a red light or when I’m dead stoped sometimes it’s even harder to put in reverse

  43. Concentric slave cylinder. Inside the transmission.

  44. Is yours the fake nismo or the real one?

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