1. I'm not familiar with the ark, this is for rifle caliber rounds.

  2. What are you using to mitigate heat transfer from the gas tube to the upper receiver?

  3. When this went to beta in August it was the only semi auto printed AR-15 upper we were aware of, and the designer had already been working for some time on it, so it was definitely new.

  4. where can i find the file for this beautiful thing..

  5. A few people knew it before. It was in the spiegel article, so not really secret any more.

  6. Can I get a link to the article. Now that there's no need for his anonymity, I think I'd like to know who he is.

  7. It doesn't give much other than his name, and it's not a great article.

  8. How many rounds? Nobody in the beta was able to test .40, would be good to find out if it works.

  9. I may be asking something that’s already been answered with this. But, why haven’t I come across any g3 frames? Or am I missing something here?

  10. Freeman1337 has a g3 beta over on rocket chat.

  11. What kind of service life is expected from this lower?

  12. It's the most durable 3D printed AR-15 lower out because of the hardware reinforcements.

  13. Right, but how does it compare to aluminum in terms of how many rounds it can go through before problems are expected to come up?

  14. Multiple thousands. Even the original vanguard lower could last well over a thousand if printed right.

  15. Man idk how this can be found on rocket chat it's not like a forum, it's like Kik or something idek, does someone have a link for this I'm trying to print some custom lowers for my friend?

  16. It's listed on the beta channel, and you message the developer to be added.

  17. The printed Taurus PT111 frame is compatible with the G2c.

  18. Hmm. How long do you guys think this would realistically hold up? I feel like it would have to be printed in Nylon.

  19. On the designers Twitter page, and possibly the beta channel on rocket chat.

  20. We could definitely get a beta channel set up for this when it's ready.

  21. I know links are not allowed, but what direction would one have to look for something so nice

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