1. I didn't know there was an A.I program out there that can replicate Loona's voice after the one on Uberduck A.I was taken down.

  2. You can find the original twitter post in the comments. You might find more insight there.

  3. Are these the real voice actors of Death and Loona? If not they sound very similar.

  4. So you can hear it a few times, but it's the "79 inches plush" that really tips you off to it being AI voices.

  5. Each side has valid arguments, the way it was depicted certainly leads in one direction, especially if you only watched it once.

  6. You have three options if you want to get somewhere else in LA. Walk 5 miles underneath the beating sun, probably getting mugged, shot, or molested along the way, spend $25 to drive 5 miles in about 3 hours due to the insane traffic being hell on your gaa mileage, do the same thing, but in the back of an underpaid stranger's car.

  7. So when we getting a Loona Companion mod for one of the fallout games

  8. ... Not in my experience. Sure, you have a ton of NSFW mods around, but there isn't really much in the way of well written quest mods. You get maybe 10 - 15 per year.

  9. "I've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty."

  10. Megatron: throat fucks Bumblebee till his voice box breaks, shoots and poisons his friend, has him frozen for a day, uses his friend as leverage, blows up his home, and blows his chest open after shooting him several times

  11. Is that a jet engine I hear? No, It's just my PC trying to either run this map, or take off.

  12. I mean, they seem to be released about 2 1/5 ‐ 3 months apart from eachother.

  13. I think they do, just at a reduced rate. And those that do die, or really fuck up in a spectacular way are just replaced with another member of their family or house that assumes their name, role, and duties.

  14. Yeah, I'm pretty sure she pretty much killed everyone there besides The Bishop, Moxxie, Crimson, and Chaz.

  15. Wasn't Tom Trench the guy from the 666 news station in Pride? The guy who was lit on fire by Charlie?

  16. I've completely forgotten. The name doesn't really ring any bells, but I just thought that was the name the Fandom gave him.

  17. Were's the big fluffy hellcat that wants to give me a hug with its murder mittens?

  18. It was more like reuniting with that weird kid who you went to the 1st grade with.

  19. Why we desperately need a future Moxxie and Loona-centered episode

  20. Well, I mean there is. It's just that she's the trashiest character of the show.

  21. …he existed for four seconds and said absolutely nothing? What?

  22. They're both kinda mid tbh. But then again, I don't really find a lot of the characters even somewhat attractive.

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