Tyler Adams (US Captain at World Cup) response when asked by an Iranian why he plays for a country that discriminates against black people

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  1. Yeah it's the cleric beast, and i personally don't fly through games, there's also still a part od the city that resembles sewers that i haven't explored yet so I'll put that on my list, another question i have, is there any recommended items or weapons i should buy from the shop?

  2. Idk if this is good or not but i just killed father Gascoigne, like idk if i should consider myself good at the game for now or these bosses were easy

  3. Why do you think like this? What is in your opinion the weakness of Sacred Beasts?

  4. is not it's weakness, is branded strength, better consistency, better end board, better deck

  5. Panth can still use the powers through sheer willpower, and is arguably stronger now for some reason.

  6. Excuse me. The US does not have any problems. Its all Russia's fault

  7. first: countries have different names in different languages, you can "correct" people but the players is not wrong

  8. to be fair yt sometimes do this weird thing where you click on a video but instantly go back and it assumes that you watched the whole thing and the red bar appears

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